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Yikes Lice! Top 4 signs you have Mom Lice Stress.

20 September

Yikes Lice! Life as a parent is stressful enough without the addition of a head lice infestation in your family. When the lice letter comes home from the school nurse it is often the last straw that can put you over the edge. Yes folks you have a classic case of Mom Lice Stress! What […]

Pesticide Lice Shampoo

16 November

Geez, it seems like most parents buy Rid and Nix? The American academy of Pediatrics supports the use of Rid or Nix for the treatment of Head Lice, despite much anecdotal evidence that Head Lice have developed resistance. That “expert” advice trickles down to pediatricians, school physicians and school nurses. Since school nurses are not […]