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Body Lice? Feeling itchy? Call NitWits Today & Sleep Tonight!

07 February

Body lice. Head Lice like humans. Lice like our scalps and they like our hair. Head Lice are only able to survive on human scalps, where their entire Life Cycle Head Lice takes place.  Head Lice are “obligate” parasites. Obligate means the parasite is specific to one particular host, and one specific area on that host.  An obligate […]

Removing Nits Time to Call The Professionals: NitWits!

18 May
Removing Nits

Removing Nits.  Interesting front page of New York Daily News recently with the words Make America Itch Again written on a campaign button. It seems everyone still believes that you itch when you have lice. In fact most people never itch when they have head lice. Body lice and pubic lice may have itching symptoms […]