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How Long Can Head Lice Live on a Couch?

20 January
How Long Can Head Lice Live on a Couch?

How Long Can Head Lice Live on a Couch? First of all Head Lice will start to die once they get off a human scalp. Although head lice can theoretically live on a couch for up to 24 hours, if lice can’t get a blood meal every 3-4 hours they will starve, dry out and […]

Treatments Lice That Work. OMG Comb #1 Lice Comb

09 January

Treatments Lice. How do you get headlice? First of all the primary means of lice transmission is direct head to head contact. Because direct head to head contact gives lice the opportunity to travel from one warm scalp to the next warm scalp. This is especially significant because lice cannot survive once the temperature drops. For […]

Hair Nits Lice. Send Us Your Photos!

06 April
Lice Help Today

Hair Nits Lice. I looked in my daughter’s hair today and saw not only lots of little nits, but also bugs, which I am assuming must be lice. If you are seeing lice and nits, your child has most likely had head lice for at least 2-3 months. Horrified? Most parents are. Aside from the yuck factor, […]