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Lice Shampoo Frequency? Get Help This Afternoon. NitWits!

17 October

Lice Shampoo Frequency? Parents are at a loss about how to safely treat head lice at home. First of all parents find it confusing to discover that their children have lice without any itching symptoms.  Secondly parents are eager to learn how to effectively kill lice without harming their children. In addition many common myths about […]

Baby Head Lice Bugging You? Welcome to a Lice-Free World!

27 September
Kill Lice Nits Today

Baby head lice are known as nymphs. Nymphs are delicate and fragile and share several similarities with premature human babies. For example baby head lice nymphs need to maintain a constant body temperature and frequent meals to survive, just like preemies. The ideal lice nymph body temperature mirrors that of the scalp of an elementary […]

Lice Shampoo Kill Nits? Get Lice Crisis Help Now!

23 August

Lice shampoo kill nits? In Scotland or England if you have a lice infestation it is called “nits”. This is confusing for parents who often do not know the difference between the terms “lice” and “nits.” First of all Lice refers to human head lice. (Not body lice or pubic lice or skin lice or book […]

Lice Comb Confusion. Which one works best?

18 August

Lice Comb.  If my daughter swims in a chlorine pool every day does that protect her from catching head lice? Actually no, chlorine pools do not serve as a head lice treatment or preventative because Head Lice are waterproof and their eggs are also waterproof.  Consequently the best head lice removal treatment involves mechanical removal of […]

Tea tree oil lice. Learn More at NitWits #1 in Boston

22 May

Tea tree oil lice don’t like it. In this Italian study done in 2012 it was determined that tea tree oil had insecticidal and ovicidal properties when tested on head lice. The study also mentioned that ” The development of novel pediculicides containing essential oils could be, in fact, an important tool to control the parasitic […]

Lice Removal Home Remedies. Sleep Well Tonight!

07 November

Lice Removal Home Remedies. Can I treat my child’s head lice at home? I don’t want to use the OTC lice shampoo that contains pesticides? Yes, you can treat your child at home. It turns out that the OTC lice treatments are no longer effective in eliminating head lice in the USA. Lice Removal Home Remedies. […]

nits lice tigers bears oy vey Get NitWits Help Today

12 September

nits lice tigers bears oy vey! Feeling plagued by head lice in your home? Wondering if you have the same kinds of lice as other primates? Fear not. Humans have head lice that only like humans. In fact our scalps have their very own lice that only like human scalps. Check out our NitWits video of […]

How Often Can You Use Lice Shampoo?

02 May

How Often Can You Use Lice Shampoo? Nits are bulletproof, and are impervious to chemical or pesticide shampoos. So how do you get nits out of your child’s hair? The only way to get nits out of hair is mechanical removal. You can try to pick every nit out of the hair, but due to the unique […]

Human Head Lice Top 3 Urban Myths about Lice

29 April

Human Head Lice. Lice Myth #1:The Lice Treatments you buy at CVS work. FACT:  head lice are resistant to the most commonly used pesticide lice shampoos. So what are parents to do? Treating head lice successfully without pesticides is not rocket science. Head lice are a successful obligate human parasite. Head lice are exclusive to […]