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What Home Remedies Will Kill Lice?

01 July
Where did head lice come from?

What Home Remedies Will Kill Lice? First of all you don’t need to purchase OTC lice treatments which don’t work on head lice any more in the US. Secondly you don’t need to obsessively clean you house from top to bottom, because the lice are only in your child’s hair. Thirdly you don’t need to […]

Naturally Treat Lice. NitWits Intelligent Lice Treatment!

15 June

Naturally Treat Lice. I’ve been treating my 9 year old daughter for head lice for 5 months. I have tried all of the lice shampoos, but her head lice and nits just keep coming back a few weeks later. What am I doing wrong? Naturally Treat Lice. First of all head Lice are feisty little buggers […]

Head Lice Natural Treatment Boston

19 May

Head Lice Natural Treatment Boston. Pesticide shampoos are no longer effective as head lice removal treatment solutions. Why?  Because head lice have developed resistance to the pesticides in the lice shampoos. Happily there is a non-toxic, eco-friendly way to treat head lice. Combing with the OMG Nit-Free Terminator comb is the most effective and safest head […]