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Back School Head Lice Checks. Ahh…Peace of Mind for Mom!

12 September

Back School Head Lice Checks. Moms can’t sleep at night when they think there might be a lice epidemic in the house. Furthermore powerful head lice stigma falls squarely on the shoulders of Moms. Head Lice stigma implies that you are not a good Mom. In addition Head Lice stigma suggests that you do not […]

Lice Incubation Period 30 days

16 May

Lice Incubation Period. Head lice life cycle takes 30 days. During those 30 days the louse spends 7 days in the egg shell or nit, then 10 days as an immature nymph going through 3 molts. Then 13 days laying eggs at 6 eggs per day. OK so let’s do the math on the incubation. Being […]