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Lice Treatment Kill Nits? Get Lice-Free Today!

23 June

Does lice treatment kill nits? In fact the OTC and Rx lice treatments do not kill nits. First of all parents are led to believe that all it takes to treat lice are a couple of pesticide applications.  Consequently, a month later the school nurse tells parents that their child has lice again. However, in […]

My kids have lice. I have been uninvited to a week on the Cape!

28 June

The Clients who came this week said their family made them stay in a tent in a Campground on Cape Cod for a week, because their kids had lice. Is this fair or reasonable? No, once you have combed out everyone in your family with the OMG Nit-Free Terminator Comb they are no longer contagious. Enjoy your lobster dinner and […]