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Lice Treatment Kill Nits? Get Lice-Free Today!

23 June

Does lice treatment kill nits? In fact the OTC and Rx lice treatments do not kill nits. First of all parents are led to believe that all it takes to treat lice are a couple of pesticide applications.  Consequently, a month later the school nurse tells parents that their child has lice again. However, in […]

Lice Combing No Nits Call NitWits 617-816-9487

09 June

Lice Combing No Nits. Now that head lice have become resistant to chemical treatments in the United States, parents are scratching their heads in search of how to deal with the stressful situation that arises when their kids get lice. It turns out that the solution to head lice problems is the OMG Lice Comb. Put […]

Lice Combing Nit-Free. Lice Treatment Boston.

03 June

Lice Combing Nit-Free. Yes folks, it can be done. Head lice can be treated and it is manageable. Stop doing laundry, stop vacuuming, relax, pour yourself a glass of wine. White Glove service is available at Boston’s Premier Lice Treatment Service. Lice Treatment Boston at NitWits has been voted Best of Boston 12 years running. […]