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Lice Shampoo Kill Nits? Get Lice Crisis Help Now!

23 August

Lice shampoo kill nits? In Scotland or England if you have a lice infestation it is called “nits”. This is confusing for parents who often do not know the difference between the terms “lice” and “nits.” First of all Lice refers to human head lice. (Not body lice or pubic lice or skin lice or book […]

Lice Comb Confusion. Which one works best?

18 August

Lice Comb.  If my daughter swims in a chlorine pool every day does that protect her from catching head lice? Actually no, chlorine pools do not serve as a head lice treatment or preventative because Head Lice are waterproof and their eggs are also waterproof.  Consequently the best head lice removal treatment involves mechanical removal of […]

Big Comfy Lice? Not it my house! Call NitWits Stat!!

15 August

Big Comfy Lice. Are head lice getting just a little too comfy living in your child’s hair? How do you even know if your child has head lice if you can’t see anything in her or his hair? What if a hair falls off the scalp and the nit hatches on the floor? Big Comfy […]

Kills Nits In Hair. Lickety Split-Wits NitWits!

03 May

Kills Nits In Hair. First of all you work hard being a good Mom. However when lice hits you suddenly feel like a bad Mom. Nothing kills nits because nits are bulletproof! Furthermore, killing nits is not rocket science. Nor is there a magic bullet that you can swallow to get rid of lice in 5 minutes. […]

Head Lice Treatment Home Remedy Back In School Tomorrow!

03 December

Head lice treatment home remedy. Toxic chemicals need not apply for the job of treating lice at home with home remedies. OTC Treatments no longer work which means we now have, in the United States, what are commonly known as Super Lice. Head lice treatment home remedy. Due to the high number of urban myths about […]

Nits Lice top 3 Head Lice Myths Busted

11 April

Nits Lice. Here are the top 3 myths about head lice. Lice Myth #1: Head Lice are crawling all over your house, carpet, car and bedding. Fact: Head Lice are only able to survive in one place on planet earth and that is the human scalp. So you can stop wasting your valuable time vacuuming […]