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Home Treatment Lice. NitWits to the Rescue!

09 August

Home Treatment Lice . Your child will be exposed to head lice many times between the ages of 2-15 and schools are not a high risk area for head lice transmission. Your child is more likely to contract head lice at a family party, playdate or sleepover, than at school. Do not get freaked out about head lice […]

Home Treatment Lice. Head Lice are Manageable.

12 May

Home Treatment Lice. Head Lice is always an emergency. Once you find lice on your kid you want it gone! Parents are shocked to learn that their child has lice. Mortified that their child can’t come to school because of lice. Terrified that lice have infested their entire home and family. Trying to tease out the […]