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Natural Remedy Head Lice. Get Help Today!

24 February

Natural Remedy Head Lice. When you hear that there is a lice infestation going on at your child’s school it can be a stressful moment. When you search online for natural remedies for lice you find a host of confusing and overwhelming treatment option information. The bottom line is that using a good metal nit comb is the first […]

Cure Lice Home Remedy OMG Lice Protocol

24 April

Cure lice home remedy. Head Lice have become resistant to the available pesticides in commonly used lice treatments. What’s a Parent to do? In an Italian study it was shown that head lice did not like Tea Tree Oil. Tea tree oil in relationship to lice had a repellent characteristic. The same study indicated that tea oil […]

Home Remedy Lice. NitWits Best Peace of Mind Available!

04 September

Home remedy lice.  According to recent reports, head lice are now resistant to chemical treatments in 48 of the United States.  Therefore no matter how many times you lice shampoo, you will still have an active case of lice.  This means that a new “super strain” of treatment-resistant lice is no longer remedied with traditional drug-store treatment […]