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Head lice incubation period. End your lice nightmare now!

11 August

Head lice incubation period. First of all Head Lice Stigma creates a great deal of fear in parents. As a result Head Lice are a poorly misunderstood human parasite. In contrast to humans, Primates have their own parasites that are similar to, but genetically different from, human head lice. Baboons engage in something called social grooming which establishes […]

Lice Olive Oil Boston’s Best Lice Service

21 March

Lice Olive Oil. Why do we like olive oil as a treatment for head lice? Because lice breathe through little tiny tubes that allow the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. The little  tubes are called tubules and are in the exterior shell of the head louse and they are known as spiracles. The louse can […]

lice bugs I think I am losing my mind

04 December
Human Lice

lice bugs live exclusively in human hair close to the human scalp. However you are unlikely to ever see a live louse because lice are clear like a jelly fish when they are alive so you can look right through them. You are more likely to see some nits on the hair. Nits are the […]