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Lice Eggs Pictures. Bust Lice Today! NitWits Best of Boston!

19 September

Lice eggs pictures. Look head lice are manageable.  You can comb out the nits and crash the lice colony. If you don’t want to treat lice at home, call the fabulous gals at NitWits Lice Treatment Boston. Since 2004 Boston’s Go To Lice Professionals NitWits has done one thing and one thing only, head lice. At […]

Does Hair Dye Kill Lice? Educate yourself at NitWits!

13 March

does hair dye kill lice?  All that parents can find on the internet is lots of conflicting information about whether or not coloring your hair can prevent, or even kill, head lice.  Let’s remember here that head lice are pretty feisty and resilient critters. We have thrown a lot of chemicals at them over thousands […]