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Lice egg infestation. One and Done. NitWits

15 May

Lice egg infestation. Best option for Lice Treatment Boston? Yep, you guessed it: NitWits Intelligent Lice Treatment. Boston’s Premier Lice Treatment Service. Want the White Glove Lice Service that takes care of you from start to finish? NitWits is Boston’s only lice service with a registered professional licensed nurse on staff. NitWits is Boston’s only […]

Head Lice Embarrassing. Jenifer Garner Lice

12 April
Head Lice Embarrassing

Head Lice Embarrassing. Jennifer Garner had head lice the first time she ever met George Clooney, she revealed on the Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night talk show. She said that she knew George Clooney could smell the lice treatment product in her hair, but that he was a consummate gentleman and simply ignored her “non-traditional fragrance”. […]