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Can Head Lice Live on Pillows and Sheets?

19 June
Can Head Lice live on pillows and sheets?

Can Head Lice Live on Pillows and Sheets? First of all head lice need to feed every 2-4 hours, and more frequently when they are nymphs. Furthermore the only food head lice can survive on is human blood. And human blood from a human scalp. Scalp skin is different from skin on other parts of […]

Nits Lice Infestation Get Peace of Mind Today NitWits!

03 October

Nits lice infestation. Do head lice cause any kind of infections or infectious diseases? Actually no, head lice do not transmit or spread any diseases or health problems of any kind. So why do head lice have such a bad reputation? Because people confuse head lice body lice. Body lice are different from head lice, but […]

Definitive Lice Treatment Guide [New Data]

09 September

Definitive Lice Treatment Guide. New research has shown that 98% of the head lice are now resistant to over the counter head lice treatments in North America.    How then can you deter head lice and make your child’s scalp not attractive to the ubiquitous head lice in schools? Definitive lice treatment guide Do head lice cause any […]

Lice Removal Hair Salon Welcome to a Lice-Free World!

12 June
Lice Removal Hair Salon

Lice Removal Hair Salon. NitWits has something none of our competitors have. Berit Pratt RN BSN MPH, school nurse for 13 years at Fayerweather Street School in Cambridge. As a result Berit, a Public Health Nurse, has designed NitWits to meet the highests standards of excellence for reliable, professional lice treatment. Our award-winning film will […]

Lice egg infestation. One and Done. NitWits

15 May

Lice egg infestation. Best option for Lice Treatment Boston? Yep, you guessed it: NitWits Intelligent Lice Treatment. Boston’s Premier Lice Treatment Service. Want the White Glove Lice Service that takes care of you from start to finish? NitWits is Boston’s only lice service with a registered professional licensed nurse on staff. NitWits is Boston’s only […]

Human Head Lice Top 3 Urban Myths about Lice

29 April

Human Head Lice. Lice Myth #1:The Lice Treatments you buy at CVS work. FACT:  head lice are resistant to the most commonly used pesticide lice shampoos. So what are parents to do? Treating head lice successfully without pesticides is not rocket science. Head lice are a successful obligate human parasite. Head lice are exclusive to […]

Home Lice Remedy. Happy Marathon Monday!

19 April

Home Lice Remedy. Yes folks you can treat lice at home and it barely has to cost you anything. First off, do not, I repeat, do not run to CVS and buy the lice stuff there. All of the commercial OTC pesticide lice shampoos and other lice stuff you can get at CVS doesn’t work? […]

Head Lice Embarrassing. Jenifer Garner Lice

12 April
Head Lice Embarrassing

Head Lice Embarrassing. Jennifer Garner had head lice the first time she ever met George Clooney, she revealed on the Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night talk show. She said that she knew George Clooney could smell the lice treatment product in her hair, but that he was a consummate gentleman and simply ignored her “non-traditional fragrance”. […]

No vacuuming, laundering or cleaning is necessary with lice

13 November

What should I do with my linens,pillows, carpets, clothing, hats and stuffed animals when my children have head lice? Contrary to urban myth, you do not need to do anything with your linens,pillows, carpets, clothing, hats and stuffed animals when your children have head lice. No vacuuming, laundering or cleaning is necessary. Why? Because head […]