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NitWits is Boston’s premiere and oldest head lice treatment service clinic. We love supporting families from Winthrop and surrounding areas. NitWits is headed by School Nurse Berit Pratt, RN BSN MPH and co-founder Sonia Simoun.

How NitWits Serves The Winthrop Community


Our team of Professional Lice Removal Specialists offers same day appointments at our convenient treatment center. Every family is treated in a private room, and you will find plenty of free parking. In addition to offering a treatment service, we offer natural, quality products, and we teach you how to keep head lice from coming back!

Head Lice means stress for families. Our “Best-In-Class” Professional Head Lice Removal Service means your life can return to normal as soon as possible. In our fifteen years in business, we have helped thousands of families to get rid of lice, which causes so much stress and disruption in our busy lives.

NitWits Lice Removal Reviews


“I brought my 6 year old who got lice at school. I was totally freaked out ! I never had lice and didn’t know what to do. Angela was amazing! She is so supportive and understanding of mom’s and explains exactly what you need to do at home. Angela gave us special attention at the appointment and made sure we left nit free. I did exactly what she told me and the lice is gone. Thank you Angela.”
– Michelle S.

“We were extremely pleased with Nitwits services! They responded quickly to my call and we got an appointment the very next morning. They eased our minds and provided invaluable knowledge and follow up instructions. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is dealing with a lice emergency!”
– Patricia Benecchi

“Very informative while providing quality and professional care! Would definitely recommend!”
– Meghan Mendonca

Lice Removal Near Winthrop, MA
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(617) 816-9487
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Just some of the services we offer our Winthrop clients:


  • Lice Treatment Shampoo
  • Nit Removal Service
  • Nit Treatment Products
  • Head Lice Shampoo
  • Lice Prevention
  • Affordable Nit Removal
  • Head Lice Removal
  • Head Lice Services
  • Head Lice Treatment for Toddlers
  • Organic Lice Treatment
  • Lice Removal Service for Children
  • Natural Lice Shampoo
  • Professional Lice Removal


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What You Need to Know About Head Lice in Children


Finding out your child is infected with head lice can be a parent’s worse nightmare. Nevertheless if you should get this bad news, you should be aware that you’re just one of many: approximately 10% of school children in the United States of America suffer with head lice at any given time.

Undoubtedly you will need the lice removed ASAP-and you might be inclined to make a dash for a nearby drugstore to obtain an OTC pesticide-based lice shampoo or whatever you might believe is the best head lice treatment. Regrettably, recent studies show that both head lice and head lice nits are becoming resistant to products like this. So how can you eliminate these revolting pests? Contact NitWits today!

We’re the Foremost Head Lice Clinic Serving the Winthrop Area


NitWits is the Winthrop region’s oldest and best known head lice center. We offer treatments for people who’ve got head lice discretely in our private clinic only using organic, all-natural, pesticide-free head lice treatment products which we developed as a result of 15 years of lice treating experience. Mostly we are able to eradicate head lice from a family in only one visit. Our salon features comfortable seating and a wide variety of DVDs so that your children, you, or other loved one can be comfortable and stress-free during their visit.

Our lice treatment products are all chemical and pesticide-free, but highly effective and environmentally friendly. Our objective is to eradicate the head lice on all customers who ask for our help permanently, and do it in a discrete, caring environment. We treat our customers individually in our exclusive head lice salon.

Along with using our own proprietary lice treatment products, we also use non-toxic cleaning products and fragrance-free laundry cleansers in our lice salon. We are devoted to running a totally green business and providing complete comfort for our clients.

Why NitWits Offers the Best Head Lice Solution


A few years ago, traditional over the counter head lice remedies were an effective choice for getting rid of head lice and nits. Sadly, these unwanted pests have developed a resistance to many of the ingredients in these products. Some types of lice shampoo also smell terrible and consist of undesirable poisons that you may not want to expose your children and yourself to.

Laundering bedding and clothes is also an ineffective lice treatment. This is because lice have to be close to a blood supply and body heat to survive, which is why they’re drawn to the human head. The good news is if they fall from the head and land elsewhere, they are unable to survive for long. So, while washing all your fabrics is an effective technique to get rid of dead head lice, it isn’t effective to halt the reproduction. To do that, you will need a solution applied to the scalp and hair that will kill and totally eradicate these pests.

NitWits gives you the most effective head lice solution in Winthrop as we know the best way to kill and remove lice swiftly, safely and thoroughly. After doing a thorough head check on every family member who visits our salon we apply our effective head lice treatment products and check again to make certain every one of the head lice and nits are gone.

Why You Need a Winthrop, MA Head Lice Professional


Trying to remove head lice by yourself will be a worrying course of action. Nits and lice cling to hair and need to be removed diligently by the use of a head lice comb together with a lice shampoo treatment. It can seem impossible for a Winthrop area mum or dad who is already stressed and embarrassed to be sure they exterminate all head lice and nits from the head of a child. And because head lice are so easily passed on to other children, you could find the infestation becomes serious before you’ve had a chance to do anything about it.

NitWits was established by a couple of head lice experts one was a nurse who worked in many schools throughout the years. NitWits knows exactly the most effective lice treatment to apply and the appropriate way to do it so that head lice are utterly wiped from your family home. Our patent anti head lice shampoo includes nothing but natural ingredients which do not affect children or the ecosystem, and best of all, our products work brilliantly! We are also able to endorse the ideal lice spray and also other lice repellents and remedies to have handy in case lice ever show up in your household.

Schedule Your Appointment For Our Lice Shampoo Treatment


Our friendly lice clinic is eagerly waiting to compassionately help you and your children. A standard treatment generally lasts roughly an hour to an hour and a half for those with long hair and less for children with shorter hair. You’re welcome to take it easy and enjoy a favorite DVD whilst you are given our effective lice treatment.

You’ll leave knowing how to stop lice from returning. NitWits’ private lice salon is based in Belmont with lots of free car parking. We accommodate same-day sessions whenever possible, therefore give us a call at 617-816-9487 or make an appointment with us on the web. We make head lice and the associated unpleasantness vanish quickly!

About Winthrop, MA


A Suffolk County town has a population of 17,497. This ocean-side suburb is one of the oldest communities of the USA. Though the smallest in area it is a densely populated municipality of the state of MA. A town with flourishing small businesses now has some upcoming malls like the square one mall too. It has four schools namely Winthrop middle school, Arthur t cummings elementary school, Winthrop high school and William p Gorman fort banks elementary school. The community is highly religious and has some religious places lined up like first church united Methodist, Community Christian Center, Harbor City Church and more. A few places of interest include Winthrop Beach, Coast Artillery Fort, Deane Winthrop House, Winthrop Shore Drive, Fort Banks Mortar Battery and more. Singer and songwriter duo Don and Richard Addrisi, photojournalist Stanley Forman, actor Richard Whorf and the like are the notable people here.

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