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nurse treating a patient in jamaica plain maNitWits is Boston’s premiere and oldest head lice treatment service clinic. We love supporting families from Jamaica Plain and surrounding areas. NitWits is headed by School Nurse Berit Pratt, RN BSN MPH and co-founder Sonia Simoun.

How NitWits Serves The Jamaica Plain Community

Our team of Professional Lice Removal Specialists offers same day appointments at our convenient treatment center. Every family is treated in a private room, and you will find plenty of free parking. In addition to offering a treatment service, we offer natural, quality products, and we teach you how to keep head lice from coming back!

Head Lice means stress for families. Our “Best-In-Class” Professional Head Lice Removal Service means your life can return to normal as soon as possible. In our fifteen years in business, we have helped thousands of families to get rid of lice, which causes so much stress and disruption in our busy lives.

NitWits Lice Removal Reviews

“Amazing Angela, this place saved our summer! After camp exposed lice we were in a panic. Did my research, always.. whom has a tried and true method and whom sells. Well these ladies educate you, they educate your child. They solve the problem, they deliver the message using without fear and anxiety, using their own natural organic solutions. Step by step, by hand methodically, we finally can sleep with a peace of mind. Amazing work ethic, gentle, kind and dedication to excellence. They mapped out a strategy for us to follow now and going forward.. OMG.. Boston is known for medical and this service is medically inspired. Thank you Angela..”
– Roanne Angele

“I don’t even know where to begin! I have three boys 9,7 and 2 and this was my first time experiencing Lice. And let me tell you I was freaked out more then them. I had no clue what to do. Of course I googled and bought a do it yourself kit at Target. I called everyone trying to figure out how to take care of it. I called so many Lice Centers and wasn’t able to get them in till the weekend. I was so happy when I was able to reach NitWits and they had an appointment the same day. Karen was very nice and made me feel so much better. She was so helpful and explained everything. I left feeling 100 times better. Thank you Karen and NitWits for doing such a great job”
– Crystal C.

“What a great place! Would highly recommend!”
– Tanya Gronwold

Lice Removal Near Jamaica Plain, MA
161A Belmont St
Belmont, MA 02478
(617) 816-9487
[email protected]

Just some of the services we offer our Jamaica Plain patients:

  • Lice Prevention
  • Head Lice Services
  • Nit Removal Service
  • Lice Removal Service for Children
  • Head Lice Treatment for Toddlers
  • Organic Lice Treatment
  • Natural Lice Shampoo
  • Affordable Nit Removal
  • Lice Treatment Shampoo
  • Head Lice Removal
  • Head Lice Shampoo
  • Nit Treatment Products
  • Professional Lice Removal


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NitWits is a Premier Lice Clinic Serving Jamaica Plain, MA
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Why You Need a MA Head Lice Expert
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Head Lice in Children is More Commonplace Than You Think

“It is not going to affect me” is what the majority of parents of kids at school prefer to say about head lice. Yet 5%-10% of children at school in the U.S. have head lice at any time, which means it is more commonplace than you think. It is also very easy for head lice to spread in a classroom type environment.

And if you should get the unwelcome news that your child is one of the affected kids, you might feel ashamed and mortified and you want the issue to go away-quickly! Many parents’ initial impulse is to run to a nearby pharmacy for lice killing shampoo and head lice repellent. Yet, such products aren’t working as they used to; research has shown that head lice nits and head lice have developed a resistance to many of the ingredients used in these products. So what can a family do? Don’t worry it’s NitWits to your rescue!

NitWits is a Premier Lice Clinic Serving Jamaica Plain, MA

NitWits is proud to be the Jamaica Plain region’s oldest and most widely regarded head lice treatment center. We treat family members who’ve got head lice in complete confidence in our salon using only organic, all-natural, pesticide-free lice removal products which we formulated ourselves as a result of 15yrs of experience treating these pests. Mostly we’re able to eliminate a family’s head lice problem in only one visit. Our salon offers cushy seating facilities and a choice of DVDs so that your child, you, or other family member can be stress-free and comfortable throughout their visit.

Our head lice treatment products are all pesticide and chemical-free, yet environmentally safe and effective. Our primary objective is to eliminate head lice on all sufferers who comes to us for good, and get it done in a discrete, caring setting. We care for clients individually in our exclusive head lice salon.

Aside from using our own unique head lice treatments, we also use fragrance-free detergents and using only non-toxic cleaning products in our head lice clinic. We’re devoted to operating a green business whilst offering complete client comfort.

Why NitWits Is the Finest Head Lice Treatment You Can Find in Jamaica Plain

As stated, most conventional over the counter lice remedies usually fail to work. Not only are head lice resistant to the ingredients in them, but they also smell dreadful and are essentially full of toxins that you wouldn’t want to expose your children and yourself to.

And whilst you might be keen to launder all the clothing and bedding your child made contact with, the truth is this does not be effective as a head lice remedy. Head lice thrive on body heat and a blood supply, therefore when they fall from the head and land on other surfaces they’ll not live for very long. Whilst washing garments should remove dead lice and dust mites, it still won’t terminate the reproduction process. Head lice remedies must actually be put on the hair and scalp where these lice thrive.

At NitWits we provide you with the finest lice treatment because we know exactly how to treat folks with head lice correctly. We initially conduct an intensive scalp examination on every family member to be sure that we are getting at every instance of lice in your house. Then we apply head lice remedy products that eradicate the nits and head lice and make certain they are all removed from the scalp and hair.

Why You Need a MA Head Lice Expert

It really is a challenge to try and eliminate lice by yourself. Nits and head lice stick to hair, meaning simply washing does not entirely wipe them out. They have to be removed diligently by the use of a head lice comb followed up by treatment using a lice killing shampoo. Moms and dads struggling with a head lice diagnosis are already stressed out and may not be able to eliminate all of the head lice and nits from a child’s head. These pests can easily be transmitted swiftly to other children, therefore before you’ve treated one of your children you could discover another family member has got lice.

NitWits was established by a couple of lice experts including a nurse who worked in a number of schools for years. NitWits knows exactly the best lice treatments to apply and the appropriate way to do it so that the head lice are completely cleansed from the family home. Our proprietary anti-lice shampoo consists of 100% natural ingredients which won’t cause harm to humans or the natural environment, and to top it all off, our treatments give great results! We’re also able to recommend the most effective lice spray and other repellents and treatments to keep on hand should the lice ever show up in your home.

Drop By For Lice Shampoo and Additional Treatments

Our head lice salon will treat your children plagued with lice privately and conveniently in supportive surroundings. Our lice and other solutions work swiftly and smell nice which is what everyone wants when they’ve caught lice. One comprehensive treatment takes between an hour and an hour and a half for those with longer hair; a little less for those with shorter hair. Unwind and watch a favorite DVD as you receive our soothing treatments.

You will also leave understanding exactly how to stop head lice from coming back. NitWits’ private head lice facility is situated in Belmont with lots of free parking spaces. We welcome same-day treatments where possible, therefore phone us on 617-816-9487 or book an appointment with us online. We make lice and awkwardness disappear quickly!

About Jamaica Plain, MA

Boston city neighborhood Jamaica Plain is a streetcar suburb. It is home to an emerald necklace of parks in Boston. It has a population of 37,468 among with a large portion is Spanish speaking. It has attracted political activists, professionals, and artists to its fold. It is also home to a number of Latin owned businesses. Local festivals, activist groups, church activities, dominate here showcasing their Latin origin. Though urbanized it has not given up on its greenery and is often referred to as the Eden of America. The different parks like Olmsted Park, Jamaica Pond, Franklin Park, Arnold Arboretum, add to its greenery. Joe Rogan- Comedian, Emily Green Balch- Nobel peace prize winner, George Dorr- preservationist, Dianne Guerrero- actress, Joey McIntyre- singer and actor and more are the notable personalities of Jamaica Plain. Taking a culture trip here you can visit Jamaica Pond, Tres Gatos, Ten Tables and the like.

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