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natural ways to get rid of lice Dorchester MANitWits is Boston’s premiere and oldest head lice treatment service clinic. We love supporting families from Dorchester and surrounding areas. NitWits is headed by School Nurse Berit Pratt, RN BSN MPH and co-founder Sonia Simoun.

How NitWits Serves The Dorchester Community

Our team of Professional Lice Removal Specialists offers same day appointments at our convenient treatment center. Every family is treated in a private room, and you will find plenty of free parking. In addition to offering a treatment service, we offer natural, quality products, and we teach you how to keep head lice from coming back!

Head Lice means stress for families. Our “Best-In-Class” Professional Head Lice Removal Service means your life can return to normal as soon as possible. In our fifteen years in business, we have helped thousands of families to get rid of lice, which causes so much stress and disruption in our busy lives.

NitWits Lice Removal Reviews

“Thank goodness for this place. When my preschooler got lice and then I realized I’d gotten it from her my first reaction was to lose my s***. NitWits talked me off the ledge. We got a same-day appointment and both went in. Karen spent three hours combing out our hair removing every last nit, nymph, and louse, educating me a ton about lice and how it can and can’t spread (you do NOT have to bag everything in your house and boil all your clothing…), and keeping my daughter entertained – for kids, they have an iPad, a DVD player with a ton of movies (she watched Frozen), art supplies/clipboards, lollipops, etc. We left feeling so so so much better and with instructions on exactly how to deal with it if it happens again. They also do education for schools and groups of parents – you just need to get 10 parents together and it’s free.”
– Laura O.

“Never been so happy to give a business my credit card. They booked my family of 4 for 3 hours, but we took less than 1.5 hours (and paid for the actual time used.) The information was reliable, and they want to arm you with the info and technique so that you don’t need them ever again. It is so sad that there is so much BAD information out there just lining pharm. company pockets and leading to panic in schools and families. At the very LEAST, buy their comb. It actually works to pull out the nits, unlike the comb you bought at CVS.”
– Alexia Taylor Eichman

“My wife was having a mental breakdown looking for treatment for the kids so I called the folks at nitwits for help. Super glad I did! They took care of us physicially AND emotionally.”
– Eugene L.

Lice Removal Near Dorchester, MA
161A Belmont St
Belmont, MA 02478
(617) 816-9487
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Just some of the services we offer our Dorchester clients:

  • Lice Prevention
  • Head Lice Treatment for Toddlers
  • Head Lice Removal
  • Natural Lice Shampoo
  • Lice Treatment Shampoo
  • Professional Lice Removal
  • Nit Treatment Products
  • Affordable Nit Removal
  • Head Lice Services
  • Nit Removal Service
  • Organic Lice Treatment
  • Lice Removal Service for Children
  • Head Lice Shampoo


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What You Need to Know About Head Lice in Children

Finding out your child has caught head lice can be a nightmare for a parent. Nonetheless if you be given the bad news, you should be aware that you’re not alone: up to 5%-10% of U.S. school children experience head lice at any time.

And if you should receive the horrible news that your child is among those affected, you’ll feel mortified and embarrassed and you want the problem to disappear-fast! Many people’s first impulse is to head for the local drugstore for lice repellent and lice killing shampoo. However, such lice removal products are not doing their jobs like they used to; research has shown that head lice nits and head lice are becoming resistant to products like this. So what are parents to do? Don’t worry it’s NitWits to the rescue!

We’re the Foremost Head Lice Clinic Serving the Dorchester Area

NitWits is a leading Dorchester area lice treatment salon that was set up to provide families suffering from head lice a discrete place to have the problem dealt with swiftly and thoroughly.

We aim to treat all affected children with head lice effectively so there is no need to make a return trip. As the longest serving head lice solutions center in Massachusetts, we know the finest lice remedies. In actual fact, we developed our all-natural, organic, pesticide-free products for ourselves after treating lice throughout the state for the last 15 years. Our line of head lice treatments are chemical and poison-free and include natural ingredients such as essential oils to eradicate head lice and nits. They do their work rapidly and are also safe for the environment.

Our mission is to give all patients who stroll into our salon a shame-free and relaxing experience. We offer a choice of family oriented DVDs to keep youngsters settled during their treatment session. We prioritze privacy for all clients, and book in families individually for discreet sessions.

NitWits is also a Dorchester area green operation which means we use only all-natural products such as cleaning products and fragrance-free laundry detergents throughout our office and we focus on zero waste.

Why NitWits Delivers the Most Effective Head Lice Solution

Some time ago, traditional over the counter head lice products may have been an effective solution for getting rid of head lice and nits. However, these invaders have built up resistance to lots of the ingredients in these products. Many brands of lice shampoos also have a strong odor and consist of undesirable toxins that you would probably not want to expose your child or yourself to.

A lot of moms and dads also get the strong urge to wash their children’s clothes and bedding so as to eliminate the head lice from their household. This actually won’t halt the head lice reproduction cycle, as lice discovered on materials are usually those that are already dead. Head lice need a mammal host which offers body heat and a blood supply. When they drop off onto a different surface, they can’t survive long. Hence, whilst washing bedding and clothing will eliminate dead lice, head lice remedies need to be applied to a person’s head where they’re living and breeding.

NitWits conducted fifteen years of research into discovering compounds and producing treatment solutions that actually kill off lice and remove the nits, or eggs, from the hair and scalp. We carry out a thorough scalp examination at our Dorchester area salon on all the family members to be certain that we are getting at each and every source of head lice in your household.

Why You Need a Dorchester, MA Lice Professional

It’s frustrating to try and remove head lice on your own. Nits and head lice cling to hair, meaning just shampooing will not completely wipe them out. They must be thoroughly removed by means of a head lice comb followed up by an anti lice shampoo treatment. Anxious moms and dads struggling with a lice problem will already be in a panic and might not clear away all of the head lice and nits from their children’s heads. These pests are usually passed on swiftly to other family members, therefore as soon as you have treated one of your children you may find that another member of the family has head lice.

NitWits was established by 2 head lice professionals including a school nurse who worked in several districts throughout the years. We know exactly the most beneficial head lice remedies to use and the best way to do it so that the head lice are completely eliminated from the home. Our effective shampoo contains nothing but natural ingredients that will not harm humans or the environment, and even better, our treatments give great results! We are also able to recommend the optimal head lice spray along with other repellents and products to keep on hand in case lice ever come back to your home.

Book in Your Appointment For Our Lice Shampoo Treatment

Our friendly lice clinic is ready and prepared to compassionately treat you and your children. A typical treatment session ordinarily takes between an hour and an hour and a half for long hair and less for those with shorter hair. You are encouraged to relax and watch a DVD movie whilst you receive our anti-lice shampoos.

You will also leave understanding precisely how to prevent lice from coming back. NitWits’ exclusive lice clinic is situated in Belmont with ample free parking places. We welcome same-day treatments when available, therefore contact us at 617-816-9487 or make an online appointment. NitWits make head lice and the associated shame disappear swiftly!

About Dorchester, MA

Popularly known as dot Dorchester has a population of 92,115. It has a pretty diverse population which includes African Americans, Asian Americans, Europeans, Caribbean Americans, Latinos among others. It is one of the largest neighborhoods of Boston and also the most populous. Some of the well-known schools of this town are Roger Clap Innovation School, Lilla Fedrick Middle School, Lucy Stone School, Neighborhood House Charter School and many more. Carney Hospitals, Codman Square Health Center and so on are the health facilities of this town. Notable people here include naturalist Charles Baker Adams, bishop Arthur Colgan, rock musician Kay Hanley, businessman Joseph P Kennedy and many more. Edward Kennedy Institute and Museum, Pope John Paul Ii Park, Fields Corner and so on. Edavilles Festival of Lights, Boston Jewish Film Festival, Etsy Makers of Boston At Bow Market, Suffolk County Beer Festival and so on are the worth visiting events here.

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