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most effective head lice treatment Chelmsford MANitWits is Boston’s premiere and oldest head lice treatment service clinic. We love supporting families from Chelmsford and surrounding areas. NitWits is headed by School Nurse Berit Pratt, RN BSN MPH and co-founder Sonia Simoun.

How NitWits Serves The Chelmsford Community

Our team of Professional Lice Removal Specialists offers same day appointments at our convenient treatment center. Every family is treated in a private room, and you will find plenty of free parking. In addition to offering a treatment service, we offer natural, quality products, and we teach you how to keep head lice from coming back!

Head Lice means stress for families. Our “Best-In-Class” Professional Head Lice Removal Service means your life can return to normal as soon as possible. In our fifteen years in business, we have helped thousands of families to get rid of lice, which causes so much stress and disruption in our busy lives.

NitWits Lice Removal Reviews

“We were able to be seen right away. I came in totally freaked out about my daughter having lice, and left feeling like it was completely manageable. Angela was reassuring, courteous and professional. I would definitely recommend Nitwits to anyone!”
– Miriam K.

“What a great place! Would highly recommend!”
– Tanya Gronwold

“We had a great experience here. I highly recommend them. I love that they got us in the same day, on a Friday afternoon no less Informative, effective and a life saver for us. Thank you!”
– Andrea Magnell

Lice Removal Near Chelmsford, MA
161A Belmont St
Belmont, MA 02478
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Just some of the services we offer our Chelmsford clients:

  • Affordable Nit Removal
  • Head Lice Treatment for Toddlers
  • Natural Lice Shampoo
  • Head Lice Removal
  • Lice Removal Service for Children
  • Nit Treatment Products
  • Lice Treatment Shampoo
  • Lice Prevention
  • Professional Lice Removal
  • Organic Lice Treatment
  • Head Lice Services
  • Nit Removal Service
  • Head Lice Shampoo


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The Problem of Head Lice in Children

Being told your child is infected with head lice is one of a parent’s worse nightmares. However should you be given the bad news, just know you are just one of many: up to ten percent of U.S. school children experience head lice at any given time.

And if you get the dreadful news that your child is one of those affected, you’ll feel embarrassed and horrified and you will need the issue to go away-and fast! Most parents’ initial impulse is to head for the nearest drugstore for lice killing shampoo and head lice repellent. However, these lice products aren’t doing their work effectively like they used to; research has shown that head lice nits and head lice are becoming resistant to these products. Therefore what are parents to do? It’s NitWits to the rescue!

We’re a Premier Head Lice Clinic Serving the Chelmsford Area

NitWits is the Chelmsford region’s oldest and most widely regarded head lice salon. We treat people with head lice in complete confidence in our salon using all-natural, pesticide-free, organic head lice treatment products which we formulated as a result of 15 years of experience treating these pests. In most cases we are able to eliminate a family’s head lice in one visit. Our treatment clinic features comfortable seating and a choice of DVDs so that your child, you, or other family member can be relaxed and comfortable during their visit.

Our head lice products are pesticide and chemical-free, but environmentally safe and highly effective. Our primary vision is to rid the head lice on all clients who ask for our help once and for all, and accomplish it in a caring, discrete setting. We care for our clients individually in our private lice salon.

Aside from utilizing our own proprietary head lice products, we also use non-toxic cleaning products and fragrance-free laundry cleansers in our lice facility. We are dedicated to operating an environmentally friendly business and providing ultimate client comfort.

What is the Finest Lice Solution in Chelmsford?

Some time ago, traditional over the counter head lice remedies were the most well-known answer for getting rid of nits and head lice. Sadly, these invaders have built up a resistance to lots of the ingredients in such solutions. Many types of lice shampoo also have a strong odor and include undesirable poisons that you would probably not want to expose your child or yourself to.

And whilst you may be keen to launder all the bedding and clothing your children made contact with, the fact is this does not be effective as a lice treatment. Head lice thrive on a blood supply and bodily warmth, hence should they fall from your scalp and land on other surfaces they won’t survive for long. While laundering fabrics can get rid of dust mites and dead lice, it still won’t terminate the reproduction process. Effective head lice products need to be used on the head and hair where the lice thrive.

NitWits delivers the very best lice remedies in Chelmsford simply because we know the best way to destroy and remove lice quickly, safely and thoroughly. After conducting a thorough head examination on all members of the family who frequents our salon we administer our effective head lice treatment solutions then check once again to be sure every one of the nits and lice have been removed.

A Chelmsford Lice Expert Takes Away the Stress of Eradicating Head Lice By Yourself

Trying to eradicate lice on your own will be an unpleasant course of action. Lice and nits stick to hair and must be removed diligently using a lice comb coupled with treatment with an anti lice shampoo. It can feel impossible for a Chelmsford area mother or father who’s already embarrassed and stressed to make sure they exterminate all of the lice and nits from their children’s heads. And since these lice are so quickly spread from one person to another, you could discover the infestation gets ahead of you before you get the chance to resolve it.

A Chelmsford area head lice expert like the ones employed at NitWits can guarantee that these pests are eliminated speedily. NitWits was founded by a pair of head lice experts – one was a school nurse who knew exactly the ideal lice treatments to make use of and the appropriate way to do it so the lice are eliminated from the home. Our anti-lice shampoo and other head lice treatments work by using 100% natural ingredients which won’t do any harm to humans or the ecosystem. We will also offer you recommendations for the optimal head lice spray and the best pest repellents and remedies to use should head lice return once more.

Go to NitWits For the Best Lice Shampoo in Massachusetts

Our friendly head lice facility is ready to compassionately serve you and your family members. A typical treatment usually takes between an hour and an hour and a half for long hair and a little less for shorter hair. You are encouraged to take it easy and enjoy a DVD whilst you are given our proprietary anti head lice treatment.

We’ll additionally arm you with advice and guidance to help stop lice from coming back to your household. Our head lice clinic can be found in Belmont and offers lots of free parking places. Phone us on 617-816-9487 or schedule a treatment session with us online. We are happy to accommodate same-day sessions if slots are available.

About Chelmsford, MA

A town in the Middlesex county has a population of 33,802. It is home to some of the world-renowned historic places Like Hildreth Robin House, Chelmsford Center Historic District, Oliver Hutchins House, North Town Hall, Barrett Byam Homestead and so on. NHL player Keith Aucoin, painter George condo, jazz pianist Steve Hunt, inventor Jeffery Snover and many more are the notable people here. It is home to the Chelmsford Ginger Ale Company. Garrison House Museum, Varney Playground, Chelmsford Dog Park, Bruce Freeman Rail Trail, Mrs. Nelsons Candy House and many more are the attractions that are worth a visit. Annual Armenian Food Festival and Bazaar, Parker PTO Craft Fair, Diagonally, and so on are some of the events that the visitors will love to attend. Some of the well-known schools here are Chelmsford High School, Charles D Harrington School, Byam Elementary School, Quessy School, Highland School and many more.

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NitWits supports clients throughout all of Chelmsford, Massachusetts, including the following zip codes: 01824, 01851, 01862, 01863. Click here to return to our MA service area page.