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most effective head lice treatment in burlington maNitWits is Boston’s premiere and oldest head lice treatment service clinic. We love supporting families from Burlington and surrounding areas. NitWits is headed by School Nurse Berit Pratt, RN BSN MPH and co-founder Sonia Simoun.

How NitWits Serves The Burlington Community

Our team of Professional Lice Removal Specialists offers same day appointments at our convenient treatment center. Every family is treated in a private room, and you will find plenty of free parking. In addition to offering a treatment service, we offer natural, quality products, and we teach you how to keep head lice from coming back!

Head Lice means stress for families. Our “Best-In-Class” Professional Head Lice Removal Service means your life can return to normal as soon as possible. In our fifteen years in business, we have helped thousands of families to get rid of lice, which causes so much stress and disruption in our busy lives.

NitWits Lice Removal Reviews

“Never been so happy to give a business my credit card. They booked my family of 4 for 3 hours, but we took less than 1.5 hours (and paid for the actual time used.) The information was reliable, and they want to arm you with the info and technique so that you don’t need them ever again. It is so sad that there is so much BAD information out there just lining pharm. company pockets and leading to panic in schools and families. At the very LEAST, buy their comb. It actually works to pull out the nits, unlike the comb you bought at CVS.”
– Alexia Taylor Eichman

“My wife was having a mental breakdown looking for treatment for the kids so I called the folks at nitwits for help. Super glad I did! They took care of us physicially AND emotionally.”
– Eugene L.

“We were able to be seen right away. I came in totally freaked out about my daughter having lice, and left feeling like it was completely manageable. Angela was reassuring, courteous and professional. I would definitely recommend Nitwits to anyone!”
– Miriam K.

Lice Removal Near Burlington, MA
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Just some of the services we offer our Burlington patients:

  • Lice Treatment Shampoo
  • Nit Removal Service
  • Affordable Nit Removal
  • Organic Lice Treatment
  • Head Lice Shampoo
  • Nit Treatment Products
  • Professional Lice Removal
  • Natural Lice Shampoo
  • Head Lice Services
  • Lice Prevention
  • Lice Removal Service for Children
  • Head Lice Removal
  • Head Lice Treatment for Toddlers


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NitWits is a Thorough, Discrete Massachusetts Lice Clinic
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A Burlington Lice Professional Takes Away the Hassle of Removing Head Lice By Yourself
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The Dilemma of Head Lice in Children

“It won’t affect my children” describes what the majority of parents of school-aged kids would rather think when it comes to head lice. Yet 5-10% of U.S. school children are carrying head lice at any given time, which means it’s far more commonplace than you would think. It’s also easy for head lice to spread in a classroom environment.

One thing’s for certain: if you are a parent who is getting the bad news, you want those lice removed-and rapidly! You also might feel rather embarrassed, and perhaps your initial response will be to head down to the drugstore for a treatment like an OTC pesticide-based lice shampoo. The fact is that, studies are showing that both head lice and head lice nits are developing a resistance to these widely used treatments. So what can a parent do? Here is where NitWits comes to the rescue!

NitWits is a Thorough, Discrete Massachusetts Lice Clinic

NitWits stands proud as the foremost Burlington area head lice treatment salon which was founded to provide families afflicted with head lice an exclusive place to have the problem dealt with thoroughly and swiftly.

It’s our aim to treat all children and their families affected with lice thoroughly so there should be no need to make a return visit. As the oldest and most trusted head lice clinic in Massachusetts, we know the most efficient lice remedies. In fact, we formulated our organic, all-natural, pesticide-free compounds ourselves after carrying out treatments for head lice in schools all over the state for over 15yrs. Our selection of lice treatments are poison and chemical-free and employ 100 % natural ingredients such as essential oils to kill lice and nits. They deliver the results quickly and are in addition safe for the environment.

Our mission is to give everybody who walks into our clinic a shame-free and relaxed experience. We offer a range of DVDs to keep kids settled during their treatment session. We prioritze privacy for all clients, so we book in families one by one for discreet sessions.

NitWits also aims to be a Burlington area environmentally friendly company meaning we only use natural fragrance-free laundry detergents and non-toxic cleaning products in our salon and focus on zero waste.

What is the Best Head Lice Treatment in Burlington?

Once upon a time traditional over the counter head lice products really did help to eliminate nits and lice, but in recent times the pests are hardly affected by them. Such products also have a horrible smell and essentially contain poisons that you may not want to have near your children.

Washing clothes and bedding is also an ineffective lice treatment. That’s because lice have to be near to a blood supply and bodily warmth to survive, which is the reason they are found on the human head. The good thing is should they fall from the head and land elsewhere, they are unable to survive very long. Therefore, while washing garments and bedding is an effective solution to get rid of dead lice, it doesn’t do much to stop the reproduction. To do that, you will need a remedy applied to the scalp ground-zero and hair which will kill off and completely eradicate lice.

NitWits went through 15yrs of research into discovering compounds and developing treatments that eradicate lice and get rid of the eggs, or nits, from the hair and scalp. In addition we perform an extensive scalp check at our Burlington area clinic on all of the family members to make sure that we’re getting to every instance of lice throughout your house.

A Burlington Lice Professional Takes Away the Hassle of Removing Head Lice By Yourself

It’s daunting to try and eliminate these pests on your own. Nits and head lice cling to hair, meaning simply washing will not clear them completely. They must be thoroughly removed by the use of a lice comb followed by an anti lice shampoo treatment. Anxious parents coping with a head lice issue will already be stressed and mightn’t be able to eliminate all of the lice and nits from the head of a child. These pests are usually transferred rapidly to other children, therefore before you’ve treated one child you could find that another member of the household is infected with head lice.

A Massachusetts head lice treatment facility such as NitWits should alleviate the stress and get rid of lice fast. NitWits is run by a couple of lice professionals one of who was a school nurse who saw a lot of cases in different school districts. We developed our own line of anti head lice shampoo and other lice remedies using only natural ingredients that do not cause harm to your child, yourself, or the environment. We can also suggest the most beneficial head lice sprays to use if head lice ever show up in your household.

Visit NitWits For the Best Hair Lice Shampoo in Massachusetts

Our head lice salon is ready and prepared to sympathetically serve your family and you. An average treatment ordinarily takes roughly an hour to an hour and a half for people with long hair and somewhat less for shorter hair. You are encouraged to settle down and enjoy a DVD as you get our anti-lice shampoo.

We will also provide guidelines about how to stop these pests from returning to your house. NitWits is situated in Belmont but also serves the Burlington area. We have loads of free parking and provide same-day appointments when available. Call us on 617-816-9487 or book an appointment with us on the web.

About Burlington, MA

A town in the Middlesex county Burlington has a population of 24,498. This previously agriculture-based town is an industrial town today. It can be now called as a mix of the professional and residential hub. The points of interest here include Simonds Park, Francis Wyman House, Burlington Public Library, Burlington Historical Museum, The Mill Pond Conservation Area and more. You have some spots like the Burlington mall, some office buildings appearing in some of the movie scenes too. This town houses the northeastern university. Among the notable people are a few Olympic medal holders like Peter Carruthers, Kitty Carruthers, Kali Flanagan, Mark Fusco, and Scott Fusco, Steve Strachan as an NFL Player, Amy Poehler- actress, Steven Wright- actor, comedian and more. Places of interest of Burlington are Mary Cummings Park, Burlington Landlocked Forest, Middlesex Fells Reservation, and so on. MindTrek VR, Breakfast Games, Katrina Marie Band and more offer entertainment here.

Are you new to Burlington? Check out these local favorites:

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NitWits supports clients throughout all of Burlington, Massachusetts, including the following zip codes: 01803, 01805, 02420. Click here to return to our MA service area page.