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how do you get lice?

how do you get lice?

If you live in the Newton area and you or a family member has head lice (or ‘pediculus humanus capitis’), trust NitWits LLC for treatment that works.  Our business focuses on safe treatment solutions for children, teens, and adults who want results now!  Traditional products found in retail stores, and even many prescriptions, are not effective against some strains of head lice today, and most contain harsh pesticides.  Why use these potentially dangerous products considering the mess, repeated applications required, and the fact that they may not work?

This frustrating condition is widespread today and easily spreads from one person to another, especially in schools, pre-schools, camps, sports practice, and other environments where many children or teens frequently congregate.  Anyone can become infested given that all it takes is the touching heads or the sharing of hair accessories.  With technology ever advancing, the taking of “selfies” for posting on social media, such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook or What’s app, has only added to the problem.  Our non-chemical head lice treatment works using natural, organic ingredients and our thorough, unique comb-out technique.  We also have a registered nurse on staff which our clients appreciate!  You can feel confident that when you leave our clinic, those nasty bugs and their eggs are gone.  NitWits provides the best peace of mind for parents who want to prevent a possible further spreading of the lice infestation throughout their families.

Will your medical insurance cover our natural lice treatment? Many clients have found our services are covered under their pre-tax health care spending accounts.  All you need to do is find out from your provider.  At NitWits LLC we know how an infestation can disrupt your life and the inconvenience involved.  Children can’t return to school until treated, so why not take action today?  To learn more about how to get rid of lice, we urge Newton residents to give us a call today at 617-816-9487.