Environmental Mission

NitWits LLC is committed to improving environmental awareness and education for our customers and community at large. We fulfill this mission by a commitment to:

  • Using pesticide-free, toxin-free, and environmentally friendly products in our treatment process.
  • Providing public education on the dangers of pesticide use in common lice removal treatments, resulting in lower pesticide load in our children as well as in our groundwater.
  • Remaining a local business, not a chain, thereby directing income back into other local businesses in our local community.
  • Encouraging our clients to walk or ride bicycles to our salon by giving them discounts to our services and products.
  • Using at least 50% PCW recycled paper products in our office and salon.
  • Utilizing reusable cloth towels and capes, which we launder on the premises with biodegradable and fragrance-free laundry detergents. All cleaning products made with non-toxic ingredients.
  • Educating families to stop doing unnecessary vacuuming and laundering in order to get ride of lice, thus saving on water and energy use.
  • Remodeling our office and salon using LEED certified standards such as no-VOC interor paint, low-VOC exterior paint and low-VOC polyurethane floor finish.
  • Requiring only one visit for a complete treatment, this cuts down on gas/fuel use as compared to other salon-based nitpicking chains that make you buy a 3 visit package.
  • Striving to use, sell and distribute non-toxic haircare and lice removal products.