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At NitWits LLC, our business is helping Concord residents suffering from pediculus humanus capitis (head lice).  We know that, for parents, having a child or teen with head lice can be frustrating and stressful.  Perhaps you are experiencing an infestation yourself, and are wary of using over-the-counter products or prescriptions.  If you are in search of safe treatment solutions you can trust, for unsurpassed results, our technicians can have you in and out and on with life in an hour and a half!

Our clients appreciate the fact we have a registered nurse on staff, unlike other clinics.  Our process involves the use of natural, organic products and our unique combing technique that eradicates those pesky bugs and their nits (eggs).  If you have tried the OTC products in the past, you know the mess and hassle associated with the process. You know how uncomfortable you were putting harsh pesticides on your child’s head!  Our non-chemical head lice treatment is gentle, safe for the hair, with no pesticides, insecticides, or other potentially harmful chemicals.  When you want to get rid of lice, we provide the solution.  If you are curious about medical insurance, many of our clients have found treatment is covered by their pre-tax health care spending accounts.

Only 1.5 Hours In and Out!

How does it work?  Basically, you visit our head lice salon for a one-time professional treatment.  After that, we give you a customized follow-up plan to use at home.  Our natural nit removal process is safe, effective, and easy, without the mess you may have experienced using traditional products, which are no longer effective in all cases.  Many head lice strains have become immune to pesticides, which means unsatisfactory results.  Why risk it?  At NitWits LLC we invite residents of Concord and surrounding areas to contact us today at 617-816-9487.