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Baby Head Lice Bugging You? Welcome to a Lice-Free World!

27 September
Kill Lice Nits Today

Baby head lice are known as nymphs. Nymphs are delicate and fragile and share several similarities with premature human babies. For example baby head lice nymphs need to maintain a constant body temperature and frequent meals to survive, just like preemies. The ideal lice nymph body temperature mirrors that of the scalp of an elementary […]

Tea tree oil lice. Learn More at NitWits #1 in Boston

22 May

Tea tree oil lice don’t like it. In this Italian study done in 2012 it was determined that tea tree oil had insecticidal and ovicidal properties when tested on head lice. The study also mentioned that ” The development of novel pediculicides containing essential oils could be, in fact, an important tool to control the parasitic […]

Tea Tree Oil Lice Remedy. Get Peace of Mind Today.

24 April

Tea Tree Oil Lice Remedy. Head Lice have become resistant to the available pesticides in commonly used lice treatments. What’s a Parent to do? In an Italian study it was shown that head lice did not lice Tea Tree Oil. Tea tree oil in relationship to lice had a repellent characteristic. The same study indicated that […]