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Lice Transmission Head Touching. NitWits Lice Treatment

02 October

Lice Transmission Head Touching.  First of all the primary means of lice transmission is direct head to head contact. Because direct head to head contact gives lice the opportunity to travel from one warm scalp to the next warm scalp. This is especially significant because lice cannot survive once the temperature drops. For example lice […]

Lice Ladies of NitWits to the Rescue Today!

24 April

Lice Ladies. Is it ladylike to have lice, or to have children with lice? There’s still plenty of stigma and urban myths about head lice these days. “Our school in Massachusetts is having a lice epidemic that won’t quit. We keep combing out the eggs and the lice but they keep coming back.  What is […]

Super Lice Lady. 3 Private Treatment Rooms. No chemicals.

03 April

Super Lice Lady. Yes folks you there are exceptionally good professional head lice practitioners in Massachusetts including Boston, Cambridge, Belmont, Arlington, Brookline, Newton and Concord. Why would you want to use this kind of a Lice Removal Service near me?  For one thing you do not have another minute in your day and now your […]