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Baby Head Lice Bugging You? Welcome to a Lice-Free World!

27 September
Kill Lice Nits Today

Baby head lice are known as nymphs. Nymphs are delicate and fragile and share several similarities with premature human babies. For example baby head lice nymphs need to maintain a constant body temperature and frequent meals to survive, just like preemies. The ideal lice nymph body temperature mirrors that of the scalp of an elementary […]

Back School Head Lice Checks. Ahh…Peace of Mind for Mom!

12 September

Back School Head Lice Checks. Moms can’t sleep at night when they think there might be a lice epidemic in the house. Furthermore powerful head lice stigma falls squarely on the shoulders of Moms. Head Lice stigma implies that you are not a good Mom. In addition Head Lice stigma suggests that you do not […]

Hair Dye Killing Lice? Inquiring Moms Want to Know.

26 April

Hair Dye Killing Lice. Will coloring my hair protect me from head lice? In a word, no. We see lots of Moms at NitWits who color their hair. Let’s remember that nothing does anything to the nits. Hair Dye, pesticide lice shampoos, kerosene, DDT, you name it, nits are impervious to them all. And Head Lice […]

Head lice olive oil. Top 3 lice myths busted!

12 January

Head lice olive oil. Lice Myth #1: All you need is Olive Oil. Well, not exactly. First of all lice breathe through little tiny tubes that allow the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Secondly these little tubes, or tubules, are in the exterior shell of the head louse and they are called spiracles. Lastly Lice […]

Lice Removal Home Remedies. Sleep Well Tonight!

07 November

Lice Removal Home Remedies. Can I treat my child’s head lice at home? I don’t want to use the OTC lice shampoo that contains pesticides? Yes, you can treat your child at home. It turns out that the OTC lice treatments are no longer effective in eliminating head lice in the USA. Lice Removal Home Remedies. […]

Lice Treatment Olive Oil Call NitWits Today!

11 July

Lice Treatment Olive Oil.  Through over 12 years of treating clients and researching the best ways to treat head lice we at NitWits have found that olive oil is a good option for smothering and killing head lice. How does Olive Oil kill Head Lice? Olive Oil kills Lice by clogging their breathing tubes. My grandmother used to […]

Use lice shampoo or not. That is the question.

06 June

Use lice shampoo or not.Whether ’tis nobler to douse your child’s head with pesticides or to comb with a good metal nit comb. That is the question. Parents looking for Lice Treatment Boston today are confused. Should they use lice shampoo, pesticides, combs, olive oil to treat lice? What is safe and what is effective? Thankfully […]

Head Lice Check Got Lice? Find out today at NitWits

05 May

Head Lice Check. What is the best way to check for head lice? The Great American Comb-Out, developed exclusively here in the NitWits lab, has been shown to detect and prevent head lice. Once a month put conditioner in your child’s hair and run the OMG comb through their hair. Most people never experience any head lice symptoms […]

Head Lice Mayonnaise Treatment? Does it work?

03 May

Head Lice Mayonnaise Treatment. Although mayonnaise can be effective in suffocating head lice and nits, a recent tragic case in Springfield MA illustrates that using mayonnaise on very young children can be dangerous, even fatal. It was not the mayonnaise that killed the toddler in this case, but the careless use of a plastic shopping bag […]

Olive Oil Head Lice. You can smother those Lice!

25 April

Olive Oil Head Lice. What with the inability of head lice treatments with pesticides to do the job of eradicating head lice, what choices do parents have in the treatment of head lice in Boston, Massachusetts in 2016? It’s all about the combing, not the lice treatment shampoos, (which don’t work any more). How to comb […]