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12 September

nits lice tigers bears oy vey! Feeling plagued by head lice in your home? Wondering if you have the same kinds of lice as other primates? Fear not. Humans have head lice that only like humans. In fact our scalps have their very own lice that only like human scalps. Check out our NitWits video of […]

Head Lice Life Cycle. Stamp out Lice Today!

01 August

Head Lice Life Cycle. According to recent reports, head lice are now resistant to chemical treatments in 25 out of 30 states tested, including Massachusetts. The new Super Lice are treatment-resistant leaving parents scratching their heads wondering what options they have left. With these reports comes stress for parents whose children are affected. First, the good news: there are still […]

Lice Combing No Nits Call NitWits 617-816-9487

09 June

Lice Combing No Nits. Now that head lice have become resistant to chemical treatments in the United States, parents are scratching their heads in search of how to deal with the stressful situation that arises when their kids get lice. It turns out that the solution to head lice problems is the OMG Lice Comb. Put […]

Lice Incubation Period 30 days

16 May

Lice Incubation Period. Head lice life cycle takes 30 days. During those 30 days the louse spends 7 days in the egg shell or nit, then 10 days as an immature nymph going through 3 molts. Then 13 days laying eggs at 6 eggs per day. OK so let’s do the math on the incubation. Being […]

Head Lice Contagious. Call NitWits for Peace of Mind!

30 April

Head Lice Contagious. Just how contagious is Head Lice? I it possible that my child caught lice at school? Schools cannot be blamed for the transmission of head lice from child to child. Head lice transmission takes place when children have direct head to head contact. This can take place at home, at family gatherings, at gymnastics, […]

Human Head Lice Top 3 Urban Myths about Lice

29 April

Human Head Lice. Lice Myth #1:The Lice Treatments you buy at CVS work. FACT:  head lice are resistant to the most commonly used pesticide lice shampoos. So what are parents to do? Treating head lice successfully without pesticides is not rocket science. Head lice are a successful obligate human parasite. Head lice are exclusive to […]

head lice life cycle NitWits has your back!

04 April

head lice life cycle. Where did Head Lice come from? Head Lice have evolved right along side humans. We have had lice ever since we were prehistoric humans. Like other successful parasites, head lice are able to evolve rapidly to adapt to changing conditions. This is why they have so quickly become resistant to pesticide head lice […]

Lice Bites. Rash on back of Neck. Call NitWits today.

30 March
Lice Bites

Lice Bites. Have you recently noticed a rash on the back of your child’s neck? Do you wonder if the red spots are insect bites? Contrary to popular belief, when your kids have head lice you cannot see the lice bites. After a couple of months of head lice, your child may develop a rash […]

Nits. Same Day Appointments by Boston’s Best!

27 March

Nits. Do Nits have you worrying about Super Lice? You can Stop Worrying About Super Lice now. Super Lice, it turns out, are the exact same lice that humans have always had. Head lice are simply super good at becoming resistant to whatever chemicals we throw at them. Like other successful obligate human parasites, head lice […]