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Head Lice Bites Neck. Help My Family Has Lice!

23 October
head lice bites neck

Head lice bites neck. Parents often wonder why kids get a rash on the back of their neck that looks like lice bites. In fact the red spots on your child’s neck just under the hairline are not lice bites. Rather, the red spots are the signs of an allergic reaction to lice bites. First […]

Definitive Lice Treatment Guide [New Data]

09 September

Definitive Lice Treatment Guide. New research has shown that 98% of the head lice are now resistant to over the counter head lice treatments in North America.    How then can you deter head lice and make your child’s scalp not attractive to the ubiquitous head lice in schools? Definitive lice treatment guide Do head lice cause any […]

Lice Check. Easy Simple and Done. NitWits!

18 April

Lice Check. Text us your lice photos and we will help you to determine what you have in your hair. The truth is that is takes 2 to 3 months of an active head lice infestation before there is even a chance of itching. Why is that? Because when lice feed on the human scalp, they leave […]

Plague of Lice Happy Passover. Check for Lice Now!

14 April
Plague of Lice Happy Passover

Plague of Lice Happy Passover. When you hear about a plague of lice during Passover you may wonder “Does this have anything to do with Head Lice?”. In fact the lice being referred to in the 3rd plague, are Desert Locusts, a pest known for centuries to be able to swarm and wipe out hundreds of square […]

Lice Infection You deserve the Peace of Mind

08 April

Lice Infection. The Best Lice Treatment is right around the corner at NitWits. Scared of Lice? Everyone is. Relax and take a deep breath. Head Lice are manageable.  Give us a call to see what all the buzz is about! 617-816-9487 Lice Infection. Most parents know absolutely zero about head lice when they find out their […]