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Head Lice Removal Today. Help is a phone call away!

14 September
5 Common Head Lice Problems

Head lice removal today. Once you discover head lice on your child’s head, you want it gone yesterday! That’s why NitWits is here to help. Most parents find head lice removal confusing and a bit intimidating. In addition, there is a strong head lice stigma in 2018!  So next steps for parents can feel overwhelming. […]

Lice People. Lice Crisis? NitWits For Peace of Mind.

17 September

Lice People. People who take care of your lice problem before it does you in! First of all most parents aren’t sure about lice symptoms. Also parents don’t know how to remove lice nits.  In addition parents wish they could kill lice naturally. Furthermore parents feel uncomfortable using lice chemicals on their kids. Lice People. Could […]

We have lice. Time to call the Professionals. NitWits!

08 May

We have lice and we are losing our minds! Top 3 reasons lice is so stressful. 1. Parents are busy and don’t have time to spend long hours lice combing. 2. Lice stigma is still rampant in our society. 3. Parents are confused about how to treat lice, so they often use ineffective lice treatments. […]

Head Lice Jump How to Stop Head Lice Now

06 May

Head Lice Jump. Should parents worry about head lice jumping from one child to the next? What about bike helmets or baseball helmets, can they spread head lice? Parents can relax when their child shares hats, helmets or costumes without concern about head lice spreading. Why? Because head lice are not transmitted by hats, helmets or costumes. […]

children with lice

25 February

children with lice. Last week during February vacation my sister uninvited me and my family to her ski house in Vermont, because my kids have lice. What should I do?  She wants us to stay in a hotel so her kids don’t get lice. First of all call NitWits right now for an appointment today for safe head […]

Lice what to do when the Lice Letter comes home from school

18 February

lice what to do. Extra extra read all about it, pesticides for lice no longer work. The first thing parents do is they run out to the pharmacy for lice shampoo. This is your first mistake. A better option is to head over to NitWits in Belmont for an OMG Lice Comb, that way you […]

how do you get lice? The answer is not what you thought

16 February
how do you get lice?

how do you get lice? Let’s put our heads together to try to think about how to rid our children and our community of head lice. The first step of course is to learn more about how you and your children contracted head lice in the first place. It doesn’t help to try to identify […]

lice school nurse Boston’s Premier Lice Treatment Experts

11 January

lice school nurse. Often the first time you hear about head lice in your child’s classroom is when you get a lice letter home from the school nurse. The lice letter strikes fear into the hearts of parents everywhere. Not only do parents not know anything about head lice, they also do not know anything […]

at home lice remedies OMG is all you need

14 December
Head Lice Natural Treatment Boston

at home lice remedies. why would you want to take care of lice at home? Most parents feel deeply ashamed that their children have lice, so it is no wonder they do not want to be seen in public at CVS buying lice shampoo. However it is through no fault of parents that their child […]

diy remedies nits

11 December

diy remedies nits. do you want to treat lice at home? Do you want to treat lice without the use of toxic chemicals and pesticides? Recently a study by Kyong Yoon, Ph.D of Southern Illinois University found that head lice in the U.S. have developed resistance to pesticides found in lice shampoo. “What we found was that […]