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What Do Head Lice Look Like?

31 July

How to Diagnose Head Lice. What Do Head Lice Look Like? To the naked eye head lice are almost impossible to see. Because the lice, and their eggs, have camouflaging abilities in their outer shells. In addition people with everyday dandruff or hair casts are often misdiagnosed as having lice. Furthermore lice eggs are very […]

Where Did Head Lice Come From?

25 July

Where Did Head Lice Come From? The origins of head lice, it turns out, are pretty interesting. As a parent you may be wondering where did head lice come from in the first place? First of all there is solid evidence that head lice have been traveling with humans for at least 170,000 years. Because […]

Human Head Lice Diagnosis Still Very Elusive

25 September

Human Head Lice Diagnosis. What kinds of lice can humans get? Can dogs and cats get head lice? Can Dogs and Cats spread lice? First of all Head lice can only live on the human scalp and are not interested in anything off of a human scalp. Furthermore you will not find hair lice eggs […]