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How Long Does Itching Last After Lice Treatment?

30 October

Lice Itching Symptoms, how long will they last after treatment? You can have an itchy scalp for up to 3 weeks after head lice treatment. Furthermore here are the Top 3 reasons for itching symptoms after lice treatment. • Pesticide lice treatments can continue to irritate the scalp. • Repeated daily vigorous lice combing can […]

Spring Vacation Plus Head Lice.

15 March
Winter Head Lice

Spring Vacation Plus Head Lice.  Our latest parent story “Yes, we were invited on a ski trip in Colorado over school vacation week with my brother’s family. My brother’s kids had lice and guess what? My kids ended up getting head lice from their cousins!  The skiing was fabulous, but I was furious at my […]

Nits. Your Peace of Mind is Worth It! NitWits.

03 June

Nits. In Scotland or England if you have a case of head lice it is called “nits”. This is confusing for parents who often do not know the difference between the terms “lice” and “nits.”  Lice refers to human head lice. A successful obligate human parasite that is doing just fine in 2016. Obligate means that […]

After Lice Treatment. Lice Treatment Boston

25 May

After lice treatment. How to keep lice out of hair.  Have OMG Comb will travel. Yes folks it is time to join The Great American Comb-Out! What is The Great American Comb-Out? The Great American Comb-Out, developed exclusively here in the NitWits lab, has been shown to detect and prevent head lice. Once a month put OMG Head Lice Conditioner Solution […]

Head Lice Natural Treatment Boston

19 May

Head Lice Natural Treatment Boston. Pesticide shampoos are no longer effective as head lice removal treatment solutions. Why?  Because head lice have developed resistance to the pesticides in the lice shampoos. Happily there is a non-toxic, eco-friendly way to treat head lice. Combing with the OMG Nit-Free Terminator comb is the most effective and safest head […]

Removing Nits Time to Call The Professionals: NitWits!

18 May
Removing Nits

Removing Nits.  Interesting front page of New York Daily News recently with the words Make America Itch Again written on a campaign button. It seems everyone still believes that you itch when you have lice. In fact most people never itch when they have head lice. Body lice and pubic lice may have itching symptoms […]