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How to Prevent Head Lice: Back to School Lice Prevention Tips

05 September

How to Prevent Head Lice. There a so many myths about head lice that as a parent you need specific guidance about lice treatment in 2019. Top 3 Lice Prevention Tips. 1.  Combing with a good metal Nit-Comb is the foundation to all successful lice prevention. 2. Combing with a good head lice conditioner product […]

Top 3 Lice Prevention Tips. Get Lice-Savvy Now!

04 September

Top 3 Lice Prevention Tips. It’s back to school time and parents are concerned about head lice exposure. Here are the Top 3 things parents can do to decrease the likelihood that their kids will get head lice this school year: Do a preventive lice check each month. Have your child wear their hair as […]

Removing nits hair nightmare. Get help today!

07 September

Removing nits hair nightmare. Yes folks, you can do this. You can treat Head lice hair it is manageable. Stop doing laundry, stop vacuuming, relax, pour yourself a glass of wine. White Glove service is available at Boston’s Premier Lice Treatment Service. Lice Treatment Boston at NitWits has been voted Best of Boston 14 years […]

You Know You Have Lice. Now What? NitWits to the Rescue!!

21 August
With Summer Camp Goes Head Lice Woes

You Know You Have Lice when you can’t stop thinking about it. (Also called Delusional Parasitosis). School’s about to start again! Here’s how to protect your little ones from lice. Head Lice Prevention with Preventative Lice Combing really works. Just take the OMG Lice Comb and OMG Lice Conditioner Solution and comb your child’s hair […]

Pre-Camp Lice Check Nit Removal Service

18 June

Pre-Camp Lice Check Boston. Want to know if your child is lice-free before heading off to summer camp?  Come on down to NitWits Boston’s #1 Lice Professionals. Here today, gone tomorrow. Pre-Camp Lice Check. First of all what is the best way to check for head lice? The Preventative OMG Lice Treatment, developed exclusively here in the […]

Professional Lice Nurse. Boston’s Only Lice Nurse

13 March

Professional Lice Nurse.  Firstly why should you care about who is treating your kids when they get lice? Berit Pratt RN BSN MPH heads up New England’s first, and only, lice removal business with a registered professionally licensed nurse. Secondly, Berit has 30 years of professional nursing experience. This includes 5 years as a Public Health Nurse […]

Super Lice on the Rise in the US. Lice are Manageable

14 October

Super Lice on the Rise in the US.  Head lice resistant to the most common lice shampoo chemicals are widespread in the US in 2016. Dr. Yoon in his 2016 study looked at head lice samples collected from 48 out of 50 US states and found that head lice have developed genetic resistance to pesticides […]

nits lice tigers bears oy vey Get NitWits Help Today

12 September

nits lice tigers bears oy vey! Feeling plagued by head lice in your home? Wondering if you have the same kinds of lice as other primates? Fear not. Humans have head lice that only like humans. In fact our scalps have their very own lice that only like human scalps. Check out our NitWits video of […]

Lice tea tree oil. Learn the facts of lice call NitWits

31 May

Lice tea tree oil. Does tea tree oil deter lice? A friend of mine, another mom, saw that there was a lice infestation in her child’s hair and she put 100% strength tea tree oil on her child’s scalp. Her child got 2nd degree burns on her scalp. Caution you cannot use 100% tea tree […]

Prevent Lice. Come to NitWits to Learn How.

27 May

Prevent Lice. How come head lice are so hard to see? My school nurse told me that she had been a school nurse for 7 years and she had never seen a live louse. She had certainly seen plenty of nits in her time, but no lice. Prevent Lice. It turns out that head lice are […]