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Can Head Lice Live on Pillows and Sheets?

19 June
Can Head Lice live on pillows and sheets?

Can Head Lice Live on Pillows and Sheets? First of all head lice need to feed every 2-4 hours, and more frequently when they are nymphs. Furthermore the only food head lice can survive on is human blood. And human blood from a human scalp. Scalp skin is different from skin on other parts of […]

Summer Lice Outbreak Massachusetts

08 June
Summer Lice Outbreak Massachusetts

Summer Lice Outbreak Massachusetts. First of all, due to the colder than normal spring and the recent warm days, we are seeing a large uptick in lice cases in the greater Boston area. In addition our phones have been ringing off the hook at NitWits! Normally lice cases increase in the warmer months in New […]