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head-lice-techniciansThe professional clinicians at NitWits LLC are dedicated to providing Boston and South Boston residents with proven solutions to pediculus humanus capitis (better known as head lice).  Whether a child, teen, or adult, the confusion around treatment and the stigma of head lice can be stress-filled and exhausting!  This 2016 study[1] by K.S. Yoon PhD, in the Journal of Medical  Entomology, showed that head lice have developed 100% resistance to the most commonly used pesticides in OTC products. Unlike these OTC products that contain pesticides or insecticides, we take a natural approach.  Our safe treatment is 100% guaranteed. With a registered nurse on staff, you will enjoy the best peace of mind.

When you spot what you believe is a louse or nit on your child’s head, there is no need to panic.  We understand how upsetting it can be, however head lice are easily spread and very common among children/teens because of the fact they spend so much time with others in the classroom, at camp, in school activities, and at sleep-overs.  Our non-chemical head nit removal process involves the use of products that are organic and all-natural.  In most cases, only one visit to our salon is necessary.  We will arm you with the education and plan you need to prevent future head lice infestations.  In most cases treatment will be covered under your pre-tax health care spending account.

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The stress and mess of using traditional products that are not proven against today’s “super” strains of lice simply isn’t worth it, considering the need for repeated applications and that these products contain harsh chemicals.  In just an hour or 90 minutes, our natural treatment will leave you free of these pesky buggers that are driving you mad and are so easily spread throughout the family.  For superior results in a comfortable environment, we invite those in Boston and South Boston to contact NitWits LLC today. NitWits LLC is Boston’s Premier Head Lice Removal Treatment Service Provider.  Schedule your appointment now by calling 617-816-9487!


[1] Yoon, K.S. et al (2016) Expansion of the Knockdown Resistance Frequency Map for Human Head Lice (Phthiraptera: Pediculidae) in the United States Using Quantitative Sequencing. J. Med. Entomol. 53(3), 2016, 653–659