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Tea tree oil lice. Learn More at NitWits #1 in Boston

22 May

Tea tree oil lice don’t like it. In this Italian study done in 2012 it was determined that tea tree oil had insecticidal and ovicidal properties when tested on head lice. The study also mentioned that ” The development of novel pediculicides containing essential oils could be, in fact, an important tool to control the parasitic […]

Lice bugs hair. Your Peace of Mind is Worth It!

19 May

Lice bugs hair. First of all Lice bugs live exclusively in human hair close to the human scalp. However you are unlikely to ever see a live louse because lice are clear like a jelly fish when they are alive so you can look right through them. Furthermore You are more likely to see some […]

Itchy Head? Get a Lice Check Today. Learn More

17 May

Itchy Head. Is your scalp bothering you? Do people always itch when they have Head Lice? No, people do not always itch when they have Head Lice. Most people do not have itching for the first 3 months once they’ve contracted Head Lice. This makes sense from the Head Louse’s point of view. Head Lice do […]

Lice egg infestation. One and Done. NitWits

15 May

Lice egg infestation. Best option for Lice Treatment Boston? Yep, you guessed it: NitWits Intelligent Lice Treatment. Boston’s Premier Lice Treatment Service. Want the White Glove Lice Service that takes care of you from start to finish? NitWits is Boston’s only lice service with a registered professional licensed nurse on staff. NitWits is Boston’s only […]

Dead Lice Eggs. NitWits to the Rescue! Learn More

11 May
Dead Lice Eggs

Dead Lice Eggs. At Nitwits we teach your about head lice stigma, head lice transmission, and head lice diagnosis. When your child keeps getting lice over and over again, you know something is just not working. Not only that, but most parents feel somewhat uncomfortable using pesticides on their kids. Not sure what you are doing wrong? Dead […]

I think I have a Hair Louse. Professional Lice Nurse On Duty

10 May

Hair Louse. There are three kinds of lice that humans get. Head lice, body lice and pubic lice. In fact there is a tremendous amount of confusion surrounding these 3 distinct species of lice. First of all head lice is the only type of lice that you or your child are going to get in […]

We have lice. Time to call the Professionals. NitWits!

08 May

We have lice and we are losing our minds! Top 3 reasons lice is so stressful. 1. Parents are busy and don’t have time to spend long hours lice combing. 2. Lice stigma is still rampant in our society. 3. Parents are confused about how to treat lice, so they often use ineffective lice treatments. […]

What do Nits Look Like? NitWits Knows. Call today.

05 May

What on earth do Nits Look Like. Yes folks there are plenty of lice and nits around the Boston area this spring. First of all do you know what they look like? Nits look like little sesame seeds. Also nits are always the same size and shape and are always laid within 1/8th of an […]

Kills Nits In Hair. Lickety Split-Wits NitWits!

03 May

Kills Nits In Hair. First of all you work hard being a good Mom. However when lice hits you suddenly feel like a bad Mom. Nothing kills nits because nits are bulletproof! Furthermore, killing nits is not rocket science. Nor is there a magic bullet that you can swallow to get rid of lice in 5 minutes. […]

Killing Lice Nits Freezer Overnight Ziploc Bag Method

02 May

Killing Lice Nits Freezer. Yes Dorothy you can take your headbands, bows, elastics, combs and brushes and put them in the freezer overnight to kill anything related to head lice. First of all place all items in a ziploc bag. Next put the ziploc bag in the freezer overnight. Finally, pour yourself a big glass […]