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Lice-treatment-clinicAt NitWits LLC we know that having a child or family member suffering from head lice (pediculus humanus capitis) is difficult and stressful.  Perhaps you have tried traditional over-the-counter or prescription products developed to treat head lice with dismal results, or you simply don’t like the fact that these treatments contain pesticides or other harsh ingredients.  We deliver non-chemical treatment solutions that members of the Belmont community can trust for guaranteed results. We are the only Lice Service Provider owned and operated by a School Nurse in Massachusetts. Your pre-tax health care spending account will cover your treatment expense in most cases.

Many children and teens are susceptible to this aggravating condition – it’s simply a fact of life, given that young kids and teenagers are always together attending school, summer camp, sports, band, etc..  Head lice removal may seem like a daunting task, but the right approach makes all the difference.  Our natural lice treatment involves the use of safe products containing no insecticides, pesticides, or other potentially dangerous chemicals.  Used in combination with our unique professional comb-out technique, you can rest assured that all those pesky bugs and their eggs will be completely eradicated!

At some point during their children’s lives, most parents face the question of how to get rid of lice.  At NitWits LLC, we provide safe solutions for those who want quick, effective results without the hassle of numerous applications of products that can actually be harmful or damaging to the hair, (and often don’t actually get rid of the lice infestation).  Our head lice clinic provides a comfortable, relaxing environment with solutions that take about an hour to 90 minutes of your time.  Our service is conveniently located right on East Belmont Street in Belmont. Every treatment is 100% guaranteed, and you’ll be relieved to regain your peace of mind and sanity – so why wait?  We invite anyone in the Belmont or surrounding areas to contact us now to schedule a same-day appointment at 617-816-9487.