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5 Common Head Lice Myths Busted. Get help today!

30 January

5 Common Head Lice Myths Busted. Head Lice is a misunderstood, but successful, human parasite. In 2019 head lice are thriving in the United States. Because misinformation about head lice is rampant. And the lack of accurate lice information is a further hindrance to parents trying to safely treat head lice. 5 Common Head Lice […]

Lice Love School Vacation Week. NitWits Vacation Blog

25 March
Lice Love School Vacation Week

Lice Love School Vacation Week.  Our latest parent story “Yes, we were invited to the Bahamas over school vacation week with my brother’s family. My brother’s kids had lice and guess what? My kids ended up getting head lice from their cousins.  The snorkeling and swimming were fabulous, but I was furious at my brother and his […]

Lice Infection You deserve the Peace of Mind

08 April

Lice Infection. The Best Lice Treatment is right around the corner at NitWits. Scared of Lice? Everyone is. Relax and take a deep breath. Head Lice are manageable.  Give us a call to see what all the buzz is about! 617-816-9487 Lice Infection. Most parents know absolutely zero about head lice when they find out their […]

Did my child catch lice at school?

07 October

Did my child catch lice at school? Did my child catch lice at school? Schools cannot be blamed for the transmission of head lice from child to child. Head lice transmission takes place when children have direct head to head contact. This can take place at home, at gymnastics, at the park, at school, etc.! […]

Can you get lice in October or November?

02 October

Can you get lice in October or November? Yes. You can get head lice 12 months of the year. Head lice are more common in spring, summer and fall, than winter, because they reproduce more quickly in warm weather. We often see families in the fall and winter who have had head lice since last […]

Best Lice Treatment

17 September

Ever try to Google: Best Lice Treatment? Feel confused? Overwhelmed? Why is there so much conflicting information about head lice? Lice shampoo? Vacuuming? Combing? Lice is so stressful for parents that, by the time they google “head lice removal treatment” they are so tired, that it is almost impossible to make an informed decision. NitWits […]