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Use Natural Remedies to Thwart the Lice Life Cycle

25 January
Crab Lice

According to recent reports, head lice are now resistant to chemical treatments in 25 of the United States. This means that a new “super strain” of treatment-resistant lice is no longer remedied with traditional drug-store treatment kits. So, a natural remedy is the only option to stop the lice life cycle. With these reports comes […]

Using Olive Oil to Treat Head Lice at Home: A Definitive Guide

19 January
How to keep lice out of hair

Over the past few years, we have published many “home remedy” posts about using olive oil to treat and kill head lice. Nevertheless, people still seems to have questions. So we are using this post to pull all of the pertinent information together in one post—consider it our definitive guide to treating lice at home with […]