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Registered Nurses on Staff

boston-lice-removal-clinicAre you an Arlington resident looking for a one-stop lice treatment solution?  At NitWits LLC we know that having a family member with a pediculus humanus capitis (head lice) infestation can be stressful and disruptive to your life.  Children getting sent home from school or camp, you hassling with the mess of using OTC products, that may or may not work, and scrubbing down your home – it’s frustrating, to say the very least.  We provide non-chemical head lice removal options that work the first time, and require only an hour or two of your precious time.  No pesticides, no harsh chemicals, simply: great results!

With a registered nurse on staff, you can obtain the peace of mind knowing our natural treatment will produce the results you deserve.  Our products are organic and natural, applied by professional technicians who are skilled, experienced, and know the importance of a thorough comb-out process.  No pain and no putting harsh chemicals or insecticides on your, or your child’s, head.  Our head lice clinic provides a relaxing, comfortable environment so that those pesky little buggers and their eggs can be eliminated in no time.  Because the ingredients in our products are natural, they are gentle to the hair and scalp as well.

Moms Trust NitWits

No one is “immune” from a head lice infestation, regardless of their age.  All it takes is touching heads with an infested person while taking a “selfie,” or curling up to read a book them.  If you have been searching for methods that are proven to get rid of head lice, without resorting to prescription or over-the-counter products, you can rely on the products and processes provided by NitWits LLC.  We invite those in Arlington and surrounding areas to learn more or schedule a same-day appointment today by calling 617-816-9487.