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Can Adult Lice Live on Couches?

14 December
Can Adult Lice Live on Couches?

Can Adult Lice Live on Couches?

Can Adult Lice Live on Couches? First of all head lice never choose to travel to an inanimate object such as a couch, carpet or linens. Because head lice need to stay on the human scalp for their entire lifecycle. Furthermore head lice need a blood meal every 2-4 hours. Therefore without access to food, lice start to weaken and die if they get on a couch.

Can Adult Lice Live on Couches?

Here are the top 3 reasons lice cannot survive on a couch.

• There is no food source (human blood) on a couch.

•  A couch is too cold for lice to survive.

•  Lice are light and humidity sensitive, so they will dessicate and dehydrate on a couch.


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Can Adult Lice Live on Couches? Can head lice live off of a human head? First of all head lice have bodies that are specifically adapted to survive on the human scalp. Secondly lice have six legs near the front of their body that can climb through, and cling to, the hair very efficiently.

Can Adult Lice Live on Couches?

Can Adult Lice Live on Couches?







Furthermore lice have claws at the distal ends of their legs that can grasp a human hair shaft tightly with hydraulic strength.

Can Adult Lice Live on Couches?

Well adapted claw of human head louse

In fact lice always prefer to stay on a human scalp where they can find everything they need to survive in one place:

Food, warmth, & procreation.

Therefore you are very unlikely to find lice in hats, helmets or hairbrushes. In addition the human hair shaft is the only place that head lice can lay their eggs.

Hence your household pets cannot get or transmit human head lice.

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And you will find that head lice are very unwilling disembark from a human scalp. As obligate parasites lice are not able to leave their host, travel to an inanimate object, and wait for a new host to come along. There are many other human parasites, such as bedbugs or fleas in which leaving the host is part of the life cycle. However leaving the host and waiting for another host is not part of the life-cycle of head lice.

Are you feeling at the end of your rope because head lice have been in your family for weeks? Do you wonder what is the best way to rid your child’s scalp of lice? Peace of mind is within reach. Head Lice are treatable. Furthermore you can treat head lice successfully at home. Worried about toxic chemicals? Toxic pesticides are not longer effective in head lice treatment. Relax and take a deep breath, and remember head lice cannot carry any diseases!

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