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Can your Freezer Kill Lice?

14 October

Can your Freezer Kill Lice? Yes 100%! You can take your headbands, bows, elastics, combs and brushes and put them in the freezer overnight to kill anything related to head lice.

First of all place all items in a zip-loc bag.

Next put the zip-loc bag in the freezer overnight. Finally, pour yourself a glass of wine and relax in front of the TV. Yes, that’s right! Your peace of mind is the most important factor at this point in the game. 

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Can your Freezer Kill Lice?

Lice don’t like cold temperatures. In fact that is why lice are less prevalent in the winter time. Lice breed more efficiently and more rapidly in the warmer months.  Therefore, the freezer is a great place to put your brushes and hair elastics after you have done an all-natural head lice treatment.

However we are seeing an increase in Head Lice in the Boston area in 2020. The reasons for this are two-fold. First of all parents continue to use OTC lice treatments containing pesticides. Despite the fact that pesticides are no longer effective in killing lice. In addition, parents expend a huge amount of energy cleaning their homes, when, in fact, cleaning your home has no impact on getting rid of lice. Because head lice are not in your home, rather head lice live exclusively on your child’s scalp.

Do I have to throw them all out?

What do I do with all of our hairbrushes, combs, hair elastics, scrunchies and brushes after we have head lice

No you do not need to throw out all of you hair brushes,

combs, scrunchies and hair elastics.  Because it is very unlikely that head lice, or their nits, would ever be found in brushes, combs, elastics, etc. 

Head lice like one place only in the universe…

…and that is the human scalp. Lice are loathe to leave a living breathing warm food source like a human scalp, unless there is a nice warm potential host scalp right next to it.  Furthermore lice wither and die quickly off a scalp, because they get too cold, too hungry and too thirsty to survive.

So lice are not going to lay eggs on elastics, or scrunchies. Lice are not going to voluntarily crawl onto a plastic hairbrush, they can’t hold on to plastic, they would fall right off. All you need to do is to make sure that all of the hair is cleaned out of your brushes, combs and elastics. Killing Lice Nits Freezer overnight zip-loc bag method. Then seal them in a Ziploc freezer bag and store them in the freezer overnight for just one night. That’s it! 

The best comb to use to comb those lice out of your hair?

The only comb that works to remove both lice and nits is the OMG Lice Comb. Not sure who to call when you can’t take the stress of lice anymore? Call NitWits in Belmont. Voted Best of Boston Head Lice Treatment Experts 15 years running!

Lice are no longer killed by pesticides. Lice have developed resistance to pesticides.

Can your Freezer Kill Lice?

Can your Freezer Kill Lice?

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