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Treating Lice Naturally

13 February

Treating Lice Naturally.

Could there really be anything worse than Head Lice?

• That school nurse call telling you that your child’s classroom has a lice infestation.

• Suddenly, you feel as if you are living in the Middle Ages.

• Will your child be banished from her school and quarantined?

• Should you be worried about disease control?

Lice-Assessment Guide

Treating Lice Naturally

Treating Lice Naturally

In fact head lice is not a CDC reportable condition. Furthermore the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics both recommend that children not be kept out of school for lice and nits

Kill Lice Naturally Today. What is the best way to kill head lice naturally in 2020? Head lice can make your life as a parent super-stressful. First of all most of you will tell us you have tried mayonnaise, raid insect spray, kerosene, and even vaseline to get rid of head lice in in your child’s hair. In addition you may have applied coconut, olive oil, tea tree oil, or eucalyptus oil oil to your child’s hair.

Furthermore you often ask us if hair dye kills lice during lice outbreaks. All of these lice remedies are, in fact, ineffective at killing lice. For example hair dye does not kill live lice or prevent head lice. The secret to effective lice treatment is completely removing the lice eggs which are called nits. 

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Kill Lice naturally today. Often you will use prescription medications as lice treatments. But then you discover that you still have an active lice infestation after using these products. Recent research has shown that overthecounter products are no longer an effective way to kill lice. We still see many nits and lice in clients after the use of OTC hair products for their head lice treatment.

Treating Lice Naturally

Treating Lice Naturally

What, then, does work for removing nits you might ask? We have found that a good metal nit comb is critical to ending a lice infestation. The  OMG Lice Comb combined with OMG Lice Conditioner Solution is a great lice treatment that works. In fact smothering agents such as OMG Lice Conditioner Solution are an important component of getting rid of lice and their eggs. Because suffocating lice is a good way to kill lice. And hair conditioner smothers lice, in addition to slowing the lice down so you can successfully comb them out of the hair.

Want to know how to use the OMG Lice Comb for removing nits? We are happy to talk you through it on the phone any time. Or, if you are feeling stressed out about how to remove lice on your own, you can come on down to our NitWits office. We will teach you everything you need to know about treating lice without prescription medications and without pesticides. Our Award Winning Educational Film, explains everything you ever wanted to know about head lice. You will depart from your visit highly educated about head lice, and more relaxed than you have felt in weeks.

Home lice cure. Parents often ask how to kill the lice and nits on their children’s heads. There is a surprising amount of confusion and misinformation about head lice on the internet. The urban myths and conflicting head lice information creates additional stress for parents when their kids get head lice. Parents keep hearing about “Super Lice” and this makes them even more fearful that if their children have super lice, then they will never be able to get rid of the lice in their child’s hair!

Home lice cure. Head Lice are now able to survive the active ingredients in pesticide lice shampoos treatmentsLice have developed resistance to pesticide containing lice treatments in 48 states.  This means parents need the most up-to-date and the most useful information when it comes to the best ways to treat head lice in 2020.

Most parents have no idea how to diagnose head lice and nits. Furthermore parents don’t know whether or not lice are in their home environment, or how long the head lice incubation period lasts.
What about stuffed animals and combs brushes and hair elastics. In fact you do not need to bag stuffed animals. And combs brushes and hair elastics can be placed in plastic bags and placed in the freezer overnight to kill lice.

Home lice cure. Since pesticides don’t work, mechanical removal of the lice and nits is necessary. First of all, if done properly, you can remove all of the lice and nits from your child’s scalp. In addition the best tool for head lice removal treatment is a well made stainless steel nit- comb such as the OMG Comb. Not only does the OMG Comb pull out the bugs, but it also strips the nits off of the hair shaft.

Top Four Head Lice FAQs:

1. Does Hair Dye Kill Head Lice?

We have not seen this to be true. Once the nits are laid, they are bulletproof and impervious to hair dye, coloring of hair, and pesticides. If the nits are still alive, you still have head lice.

2. What color are head lice?

Head lice are clear when they are alive, which is what makes them so difficult to see. When head lice die they turn brown.

3. How long is head lice incubation?

Head lice incubate inside the lice egg, or nit, for 6-8 days.

4. What are the symptoms of lice in hair?

Most people have no symptoms when they have lice. A small minority of people develop an itchy scalp, but only after about 3 months of their lice infestation.

In fact head lice do not like adult hair and they do not like men. We see head lice in 40% of Moms and 5% of Dads. Want to end your head lice nightmare today? Peace of mind is yours. Call Nitwits today, sleep like a baby tonight!

• Next you can’t tell one head lice removal treatment from the next.

• You start searching online for natural remedies to kill lice.

• You are unsure if effective home remedies for live lice even exist.

• What’s a Mom to do?

How Long Can Head Lice Live on a Couch?

How Long Can Head Lice Live on a Couch?

Are you spending a great deal of time cleaning your linens, carpets, couches and house? In fact, house-cleaning will not make any difference in terms of head lice eradication in 2020. Parents confuse head lice with other parasites that in fact do exist in linens, carpets and couches. Examples of these other parasites include, bedbugs, fleas and body lice. However your family does not have bedbugs, fleas or body lice. Therefore cleaning of your house and its contents is not necessary to remove head lice.

Treating Lice Naturally. In fact the primary means of transmission for head lice is head to head contact. Hence lice are very reluctant to leave a warm, food filled human scalp to travel to bed linens. Because there is a high likelihood that the lice would starve, become too cold to move, or not be able to return to their food source (the human scalp). Because, since humans are mobile and constantly moving around, there is a good likelihood that their food source scalp will be gone when they try to return to that scalp.

First of all head lice need to feed every 2-4 hours, and more frequently when they are nymphs. Furthermore the only food head lice can survive on is human blood. And human blood from a human scalp. Scalp skin is different from skin on other parts of the body. Because the scalp contains more blood vessels that are closer to the surface than other types of skin. In addition the mouth parts of the head louse are highly specialized to pierce and to extract blood from human scalp skin. Therefore head lice do not seek out pillows and sheets as a destination.

Treating Lice Naturally

Treating Lice Naturally

Treating Lice Naturally. Remember, head lice are specific to humans. They have adapted quite well to the unique environment of your child’s hair. And, the entire 30-day life cycle—feeding, breeding, egg laying, and maturing—all occurs with a 1/8 of an inch of surface of the human scalp. Any farther away from the scalp and the lice and nits will be the wrong temperature to be able to mature and survive.

The Lice Life Cycle:
To better understand hair lice and how they thrive, let’s take a look at a typical 30-day lifecycle. During the 30-day period of time a female louse can lay 10 eggs a day for 10 days. The eggs are attached to the hair shaft with a sticky substance that effectively keeps the eggs on the hair shaft near the scalp. Eggs, known as nits, are enjoying the perfect temperature to incubate until hatching in about 7 days.

Treating Lice Naturally. In the next phase, the baby louse, or nymph, matures through a series of molts that take place within a 10-day period. Once mature, the louse will mate and begin laying her own eggs, continuing the cycle. The majority of people who get lice never have itching  symptoms. Therefore your child could have lice for months and not know it.

This is why combing hair is so critically important—you must remove the nits with a comb in order to stop the lifecycle. If you simply treat the live lice, the cycle will continue once the new eggs hatch.

Head Lice Lifecycle

Head Lice Lifecycle

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