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When Should You Repeat Lice Shampoo?

16 January

When Should You Repeat Lice Shampoo?

There is a lot of confusion in 2020 about how to treat lice.

When Should You Repeat Lice Shampoo?

When Should You Repeat Lice Shampoo?

First of all most parents feel deeply stressed upon learning that their children have head lice. This leads many parents to use pesticide lice shampoo to treat lice. However the latest data indicates that lice shampoos containing pesticides are no longer effecting in treating lice. Furthermore the majority of parents don’t know how to determine if their children have lice.

Therefore we do not recommend that you utilize lice shampoo containing pesticides.

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In addition, parents can feel shame, blame or guilt that they are not good parents when their kids have lice. This is known as “Mom Lice Stress”. First of all when you are experiencing the symptoms of Mom Lice Stress, your whole body itches and you feel things crawling on your scalp (even if you do not have head lice). Secondly you find it difficult to think rationally and make clear decisions. In addition you believe that your entire house contains lice which, in fact, is not the case. Ultimately the wide proliferation of urban myths about lice, leads to increased stress for parents.

When Should You Repeat Lice Shampoo?

When Should You Repeat Lice Shampoo?

Furthermore parents are left scratching their heads trying to determine how to treat for lice. In fact parents often ask us how to clean hair elastics, combs and brushes. The good news is that dealing with hair elastics, combs and brushes is the easiest part of lice treatment. You can place hair elastics, combs and brushes in a zip-loc bag overnight in the freezer to kill lice!

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For most families, the lice letter home from the school nurse comes as a surprise to parents. In addition there is a sense that parents must take care of head lice immediately. However head lice are not a CDC reportable condition. Furthermore head lice do not carry or transmit any disease.

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