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The Harm of Popular Lice Treatments

09 January

The Harm of Popular Lice Treatments. New research suggests  exposure to a widely used lice insecticide may increase the risk for cardiovascular disease and early death. Pyrethrin and its synthetic derivatives are used in lice shampoos. They are absorbed by the body and then metabolized and excreted in urine. Thus, when you apply lice treatments containing pesticides to your child’s scalp, the pesticides can be absorbed into your child’s bloodstream. These pyrethrin chemicals could cause health problems for your child later in your child’s life.

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The Harm of Popular Lice Treatments. In addition the latest research on these pyrethroid pesticides indicates that they are no longer effective in killing lice. So why do so many parents rush to apply these lice pesticides to their child’s scalps when they get lice?

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Lice = Stress

There are many factors that go into “Mom Lice Stress“. Suffice it to say that many parents go into a panic when they discover their child has head lice. This panic often drives parents to CVS to purchase pesticide lice shampoos. First of all head lice are a misunderstood and highly successful human parasite. Secondly, while head lice have most likely been traveling aboard human scalps for over 100,000 years, we humans have yet to find a way to successfully and safely treat lice.

Furthermore confusing information regarding the difference between head lice, body lice, bed bugs and fleas, adds to the stress. This leads to ongoing head lice stigma. In addition lice myths abound in 2020, further confusing parents. For example parents believe the rash on back of the neck are lice bites. When, in fact the neck rash is an allergic reaction to lice bites.

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What then are safe ways to treat lice?

With pesticides no longer effective in lice eradication, parents are searching for safer lice treatment options. In fact the most effective way to treat lice is to comb with a good metal nit comb and a non-toxic hair conditioner product. The OMG lice comb strips the lice eggs off of the hair shaft and the OMG Head Lice Conditioner Solution smothers lice rendering them easy to comb out of the hair.

The Harm of Popular Lice Treatments

The Harm of Popular Lice Treatments

How does hair conditioner smother head lice? Head lice breathe through small holes in their shells. The holes are tubes called spiracles. Spiracles are organs which exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide, allowing lice to breathe.

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