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Head Lice Love Thanksgiving!

23 November

Head Lice Love Thanksgiving! And not just because Turkeys have their own lice! In fact your kids getting together with your cousin’s kids and your friend’s kids presents the optimal situation for head lice transmission. Because all of that hugging and cuddling and jumping around on couches is good for lice. In addition the kids curling up together to play games on the ipad also helps lice to go from host to host.

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Head Lice Love Thanksgiving! Direct head-to-head contact is the common denominator in the spread of head lice . Because direct head-to-head contact is the primary mode of head lice transmission. Therefore your cozy gathering of friends and family over holidays is likely to increase head lice transmission, because your children will be spending more time playing together.

Head Lice Love Thanksgiving!

Do Turkeys Get Lice?

Yes turkeys do get lice but they don’t get head lice. In fact turkeys can host 5 different species of lice. Furthermore the five different types of turkey lice depend on what part of the turkey they are on.

For example wing, head, tail, breast, etc. In fact the differing types of lice on turkeys illustrates how well lice are able to specialize. Lice are highly adaptable. Human head lice have adapted specifically to the conditions and habitat of the human scalp. Head lice removal treatment needs to be done by someone who understands the natural history of the human head louse.

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Top 3 ways to kill head lice:

1. Smother Lice with Hair Conditioner.

2. Put brushes and combs in freezer overnight

3. Remove lice and eggs with OMG Comb.


What are the most common symptoms of head lice?

Signs of lice bugs.

Presence of nits.

Rash on neck.


Surprisingly, itching is not one of the common head lice symptoms. Because there is a delayed reaction to the key substances contained in lice saliva. In fact you need to be bitten by a head louse thousands of times before you develop itching symptoms.

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