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How Long Does Itching Last After Lice Treatment?

30 October

Lice Itching Symptoms, how long will they last after treatment? You can have an itchy scalp for up to 3 weeks after head lice treatment. Furthermore here are the

Top 3 reasons for itching symptoms after lice treatment.

• Pesticide lice treatments can continue to irritate the scalp.

• Repeated daily vigorous lice combing can continue to irritate the scalp.

• Substances from Lice Saliva can continue to irritate the scalp.


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How Long Does Itching Last After Lice Treatment? In fact it takes 2-3 months of an active head lice infestation before there is even a chance of itching. Because when lice feed on the human scalp, they leave behind a combination of saliva, anesthetic, and anticoagulant when they take a blood meal. And these substances do not initially cause an allergic reaction in humans.

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However, after an extended period of time, and 50,000 – 100,000 head louse bites, a small percentage of people will develop an itchy scalp and/or an allergic rash on the back of the neck from the bites.

Itching Head Lice. You woke up at 3am with an itchy feeling in your scalp. You just got a notice from the school nurse saying there is lice in your child’s classroom. Now what? First of all you do not need to run out to the the 24 hour pharmacy to buy lice medicine. Why? Because head lice medications containing pesticides don’t work any more. In addition you may not even have head lice. Furthermore you don’t need to toss your pillows or vacuum your whole house. Because head lice are not viable once off a human scalp.

Itching Head Lice. Yes folks the concept that itching goes hand in hand with head lice is yet another urban myth about lice. First of all you must have head lice for at least 2-3 months to even have a chance of experiencing itching symptoms. Secondly, only a small fraction of people ever experience itching when they have head lice. Because if everyone who got lice itched, and itched right away, then we would discover lice before they have a chance to send out multi-generational satellite lice to create lice colonies on new hosts.

How Long Does Itching Last After Lice Treatment? Some schools have “No-Nit” policies, which means your child could be sent home from school for having lice. First of all Head Lice are not even a CDC reportable condition. Secondly Head Lice are not a Public Health Threat. In addition head lice do not carry or transmit diseases of any kind. Therefore why keep kids out of school if they have lice?

How Long Does Itching Last After Lice Treatment?

Itching and Head Lice



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