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Do Lice Jump? Myths About Lice You Need to Know.

14 October

Do Lice Jump? Do you worry about head lice jumping from other children onto your child? What about lice transmission via bike helmets or baseball helmets? In fact you can relax when your child shares hats, helmets or costumes. Because head lice are not transmitted by hats, helmets or costumes.  Head lice are only transmitted via direct head-to-head contact.  And you can place hair elastics, combs, hairbrushes or scrunchies in a zip-loc back in the freezer overnight, to ensure lice do not survive. The Zip-lock Bag  Overnight Freezer Method can give you the Peace of Mind you deserve!

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Why are head lice thriving in 2019? Because effective head lice removal treatment is rarely utilized by parents. Pesticide shampoos are no longer effective. This has led to the prevalence of the term “Super Lice“.  In fact the words Super Lice can further confuse parents, school nurses and school administrators. However your child is just as likely to be exposed to head lice at school as she is at home, on a playdate, or during sports practice. Instead of using pesticide lice products you need to be combing out the lice and nits with the OMG Lice Comb and our OMG Head Lice Conditioner Solution.  That is exactly what we do in our Nitwits office and it works!

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Do Lice Jump? We encourage you to take a look at the photo below and compare head lice with other insects that jump. Can you see which bug is different from the other bugs in the photo? That’s right, 3 of the bugs have hind legs designed for jumping, whereas the head louse does not. Head Lice do not have hind legs. Contrary to popular urban myth, Head Lice can’t jump.  Furthermore lice only have 6 front legs that they use to crawl on the human hair shaft.

Do Lice Jump?

Do Lice Jump?

Do Lice Jump?

• Relax and take a deep breath.

• Head Lice are manageable.

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