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How to Prevent Head Lice: Back to School Lice Prevention Tips

05 September

How to Prevent Head Lice. There a so many myths about head lice that as a parent you need specific guidance about lice treatment in 2019.

Top 3 Lice Prevention Tips.

1.  Combing with a good metal Nit-Comb is the foundation to all successful lice prevention.

2. Combing with a good head lice conditioner product makes lice prevention more effective

3. Monthly preventative combing can keep new cases at bay and prevent severe lice infestations.


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How to Prevent Head Lice. When head lice strikes your child’s school, parents often feel ill-prepared. First of all many lice treatment options abound, but parents are often confused about which lice treatments to use. Because many parents feel uncomfortable with the idea of using strong chemical head lice treatments. In fact head lice in the U.S. have become resistant to chemical lice treatments. Therefore parents end up searching for alternative lice treatments. Because parents are looking for safe and effective pesticide-free lice treatment options.

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How to Prevent Head Lice. In addition parents in 2019 have no time to make effective decisions about head lice treatment for their children. The school nurse sends home a letter and says “‘your child has lice, get rid of it before your child comes back to school”. First of all in the majority of families, both parents work and can’t take the time to do extensive research about lice treatments. Secondly, parents feel extra stress when told they must keep their child out of school because of a head lice infestation. Finally, rather than helping parents, most of the information coming home from school can increase stress and stigma about head lice.

How to Prevent Head Lice

How to Prevent Head Lice

How to Prevent Head Lice. First of all parents are often scratching their heads when it comes to lice treatment. In addition many parents run to CVS in the middle of the night and purchase head lice treatments containing harsh chemicals and pesticides. Furthermore what most parents are unaware of is that treating head lice without combing out the lice eggs leads to an incomplete lice treatment. The eggs are not affected by OTC lice treatments, and continue hatching. Hence the lice colony remains viable and can repopulate itself.

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