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Are All Lice Combs Created Equal?

13 August

Are All Lice Combs Created Equal? How do you know which lice comb to use when your children have a head lice infestation? Do you feel confused and overwhelmed with all of the lice treatment choices? First of all the cheap lice combs that come with the pesticide lice treatments are too flimsy to comb lice and nits out of the hair. Because nits attach to the hair shaft with super-glue during egg laying. Therefore unless you are using a good metal nit comb with micro-grooved teeth, you will not be able to to detach the nits from the hair shaft.

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Are All Lice Combs Created Equal?


• Plastic lice combs are too flexible remove nits.


• Plastic lice comb teeth are too far apart to grab nits.


• Plastic lice combs leave you with active head lice.


• This leads parents to have a false sense of security.


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In order to obtain the lice peace of mind you deserve when your child has head lice, you’ll want to be sure that your child has no more nits or bugs in their hair. The only reliable way to make sure that you child is lice-free is to do a thorough conditioner comb-out. This means you need to mechanically remove all of the nits from the hair on your child’s scalp. If any nits remain on the scalp, the head lice colony can repopulate.

Furthermore this research shows that head lice are no longer responsive to commercial OTC lice treatment products. Therefore many parents will use OTC lice products and think that their family no longer has lice. However, in many cases the lice and nits are still alive and well and continuing to multiply. Furthermore when you bring your child back to summer camp or school your child will still have nits. This can lead to unfortunate situation of the camp nurse or the school nurse sending your child home.


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