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How Rapidly Can You Get Head Lice?

05 August

How rapidly can you get head lice? Parents often wonder how long it takes for head lice to spread. First of all head lice do not spread rapidly. Because it takes 1-3 months for a head lice colony to build up on your scalp and become a healthy head lice infestation. First a pregnant adult female louse needs to travel to your head. Then she needs to start laying eggs. In fact the female head louse can lay between 5-10 eggs a day. This depends on the climate you live in. It also depends on the time of year. Because head lice are extremely sensitive to heat and humidity.

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How quickly do head lice spread from one host to another?

The answer may surprise you.

• First of all when your child’s school starts in September, other kids are coming into your child’s classroom with active cases of head lice.

• Once in your child’s classroom environment your kids are cuddly and having head to head contact with other kids.

• It will take most of the month of September for the active lice cases in your child’s classroom to build up and become robust.

• During this time your child can potentially be repeatedly exposed to lice. Because head lice are notoriously difficult to diagnose correctly.


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Surprisingly in the warmer fall months kids are not wearing hats, and this allows lice to travel more easily from head to head! This fact busts a common lice myth that hats transmit head lice. In fact it is entirely the opposite situation. When kids are wearing hats in the winter months, hats actually prevent lice from traveling from head to head. Because head lice can’t jump. Therefore a head louse needs to wait until your child’s head is actually touching another child’s head before it can travel to your child’s scalp.

How Rapidly Can you Get head lice?

How Rapidly Can you Get head lice?

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